Gettin’ My Color On!

20130901-135248.jpgNo, don’t adjust your color. I am that pink!

20130901-135322.jpgI started my day with a bunch girls I knew and some I didn’t in a clean white shirt. We participated in a Color Vibe Run this Saturday morning. In your registration packet comes a white shirt, color powder and sunglasses to keep the color powder out of your eyes.

20130901-135934.jpgAs we arrived, the music was going and the Color Vibe dance crew was getting the crowd warmed up. Yvette and I decided to join the fun and show these youngsters some <strongreal dance moves. (O.K., honestly…I had to literally drag Miss Vet out there, but I think you will agree that she enjoyed herself.)

20130901-142111.jpgThousands of people were there…men, women, boys and girls. These gals were a grandmother-mommy-daughter team. The baby’s wig cracks me up! There were many more women than men, but many of the daddy’s were hanging out with the strollers and toddlers cheering their mommas on.

20130901-143152.jpgWe gathered at the starting line to be showered with colored powder and to get ready to go with our group. After jogging downhill and walking uphill, we came to this sign. Yvette was sure it was a mistake! Check out the little girls on the left who are just strolling along, without a care in the world and we’re complaining about how hot and tired we were.

20130902-091851.jpgAs you walk, skip, dance or maybe even run along, you go through several color bombing stations.

20130902-092105.jpgAt the last station, the bombers encouraged the participants to roll through. Woo Hoo! Yea! Come on Vet lets roll through!!!

20130902-092819.jpgWhat was I thinking?!? Vet ran through so she could get this “great” shot of me rolling right off the road then trying to get my old self back up! Good job friend!

20130902-093327.jpgWe did it! Now it’s PaRtY TiMe!

20130902-093745.jpgThis little boy was too cute! And a great shot! Needless to say I was coughing up powder for a few minutes.





20130902-094501.jpgThank you Vet! I had a blast….of COLOR!


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