Three Gifts Cut

Today’s prompt for the Joy Dare Challenge is to name three gifts cut.

20130905-132247.jpg381. A Good hair cut. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t have a hair appointment set months in advance. It is usually when I have scissors in my hand that I give Ashley a call, begging for an slot sometime in the next few days. It probably isn’t the most efficient way to do things. And what is it about getting a hair cut that makes me feel so good? Ashley does a fabulous job. She’s honest when she says that I really shouldn’t try to do dreadlocks or a mullet. Sometimes I feel like I may put too much pressure on her, expecting a few snips here and there to transform me into some sort of beauty. I am so grateful that I don’t have to go directly home to wash out whatever she’s done or wear a hat for the next few days. Her talent lets me leave her shop with a little bit of confidence. I even receive compliments weeks after it has grown out. Now that’s a good hair cut!

20130905-133431.jpg382. Fresh cut flowers. The bouquets one receives from the florist are nice, but to me just aren’t as beautiful as a jar of fresh cut flowers from your garden. The daisies, daffodils and other random flowers in my garden remind me of how God uses the imperfect, ordinary person to do His will. We don’t have to be bred, cultured and refined to bring glory to his name. Even the cockeyed, bent and crooked are beautiful in the eyes of Him who made us. I like that.

20130905-134133.jpg383. Being pruned. I am standing under a cherry tree eating the bountiful fruits. This tree had to be pruned of the dead and diseased branches in order for the tree to concentrate its energy to producing good fruit. Although it may be painful, I am thankful when God pricks my heart to prune another part of my being that isn’t being fruitful. Lately I am learning to filter my thoughts and tongue by asking if it is true, noble and good? For someone like me whose mouth runs like an open faucet, it’s hard to hold back. Part of this pruning is not only filtering what I am about to say with my mouth, but what is my body language? I can’t roll my eyes, sigh heavy or stick my tongue out. I must cut that sinful part of myself off. Painful and hard? Yes. Honorable and true? Yes.

What about you? What are three gifts cut that you are thankful for? I really appreciate that you took the time to read what I had to say today. I hope you have a joy filled day!


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