This Ding Dong Day of Mine

20130909-154550.jpgRight now I am sitting in my chair with my feet up sipping a cool refreshing beverage. My head hurts. It’s like a wrestling match has been going on up there all day along! I need to rest. ( And yes, the cabinet doors in the background are open because the tv doesn’t work unless they are. We are techno geniuses here.

My day started out great! I was feeling quite upbeat, maybe even a little too happy, after I just spent the weekend with my college kids in Charleston. (Because my ding dong day is the latest breaking news, Charleston will just have to wait for another day.) Skipping to the court with some country song humming in my mind, I was ready to play. I hadn’t played in a week, friends were there and we had the shady court on this sunny morning! Yippee Skippy!

Then the battle began in my head….Wow, look at her powerful shot! Yours? Not so much. She looks fantastic today! You? Not so much. She can run, how fast? You run? Ok you can jog, but run? On and on it went. With every negative remark, I rebuked it with the Truth.
“I may not have a strong shot, but I can place it (sometimes) and get it back over the net.”
“She does look great and I have lost a few pounds myself.”
“Good for her that she can run a mile really fast. But why on earth would I want to go that fast? Slow and steady works for me.”
I’m proud of myself for being able to combat the lies that Satan wants me to believe, but dang it gets tiresome!

Got some housework done, so I could do some fun stuff like make a gift for my friend’s birthday. I already had an idea after doing some research through a fancy catalog. I just know that I could make what they are charging an arm and a leg for. So off to Joann’s!

20130909-162639.jpgphoto credit: orangeacid via photopin cc. I fill my basket with beads, wire, crimps and leather strips. I think I’m ready to go.

20130909-163531.jpgphoto credit: Star’s Fault via photopin cc Yea right! I’m now in the scrapbook aisle. I start to question the jewelry idea and think, maybe I could make her a special book with photos of her family. The jewelry making components go back. Now I’m looking at papers, sparkles, glue and stamps…..oh geez. I’ve got a new basket of pretty paper stuff, now I’m ready to go!

20130909-163824.jpgphoto credit: cobalt123 via photopin cc Yup! I’m ready to check out. Here I go, off to the cash…BAM! There in front of me, (because I had to go through the floral department), is the cutest grapevine basket that you hang on your door. LOVE! After spending, I bet 30 minutes in the flowers I remembered what’s an expert my friend is at floral arranging. What did I think I was doing?

The store begins to spin… head starts throbbing….am I shaking? It’s time to get out of here!

As I back out of my parking place, I see Kirkland’s. What if they have….I’m onto another gift idea.

Oh my goodness!!!

Time to go grocery shopping. It’s just going to be me and Thomas. I found a delicious looking chicken pasta dish recipe in a magazine while I was getting my oil changed today. That plus a salad, we’re good to go. Banana pudding would be a sweet way to use up the ripe bananas I have at home. After I unload the groceries at home, I want to go ahead and make the pudding. NO BANANAS! Ugh. Seriously?!? I’m sorry, but the bananas were the last straw. I need to sit down.

Being unsure of myself, doubting my skills and being completely overwhelmed in a craft store is truly not earth shattering. But I guess the lessons i learned to today is that in order to win the battle that may rage between my ears, I have to to fight with an armor of truth, God’s truth.

1. I must embrace the person that God has created in me.
2. Appreciate the differences in others.
3. Trying to show someone how much you love him or her can be hard. But whatever I choose to give as a present isn’t more important than the heart behind the giving of the gift.
4. Always check for bananas first, before shopping. Ok, so maybe that isn’t a revelation of truth…well it could be!

Hopefully your day was on the straight and narrow filled with joy!
Thanks for stopping by…..


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