The Very Hungry Caterpillars

It’s been hot and dry for the past week or so. I went to water my carrots and I saw these little fellows munching away.

20130910-121312.jpgMy first reaction was yuck.

20130910-121358.jpgI kept watering in hopes that they hadn’t fully destroyed my “crop”.

20130910-121447.jpgStems that were full of leaves are now stripped clean.

20130910-121525.jpgAs in the children’s book by Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, these guys ate and ate. After seeing the damage they had done, I’m sure they probably could have eaten through one nice strawberry, one slice of watermelon and a piece of chocolate cake.

20130910-121759.jpgEven Mr. Snail was in on the gorge party.

20130910-121841.jpgI did what any gardener has to do in a situation like this…I picked them off.

20130910-121923.jpgIt’s kind of hard to appreciate these little squirmy Papilio polyxenes, but seeing their beautiful color and markings, I wanted to know what they were going to grow up to be.

20130910-122724.jpg (photo by Sherryl Pollock, 2011) This, my dear friend, is what my hungry caterpillars will transform into, a Black Swallowtail Butterfly.

20130910-123100.jpg(photo by Sherryl Pollock, 2011). Again , I am amazed at God’s creativity. What was going through His mind when He created caterpillars and butterflies? Why couldn’t the butterfly’s just hatch from an egg? It is just another one of those things that I will never understand, but will always be astonished.

P.S. No I did not kill my feeding friends. I relocated them to another area of the yard.
Thank for stopping by! Hope you see God’s artistry today. Love,


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