A Birthday Terrarium

This is one of my oldest friends, not by age of course, but by how many years I have been blessed with her friendship.

20130913-095259.jpgIn this picture Sissy’s cheating her petite height. I think she’s standing on a box. Anyway, she celebrated a birthday this week. Being a good friend I won’t tell you that she just turned 30! Oops! It slipped. Sorry Sissy!

20130913-095956.jpgShe has this amazing family! Her husband is best friends with my Superman. They goad each other onto new challenges like mountain biking and Spartan Races with encouraging words like “wuss” and “old man”. You know guy stuff.
Their daughters are talented musicians, artists, athletes and scholars. Sissy and Paul answered a call they felt from God to adopt a child from China. Hannah had spent the first 12 years of her life in a crowded orphanage before she came home to Spartanburg. I admire this family’s faith, love and devotion to their daughter and sister.

A few days ago I wrote about my ding dong day trying to find just the right present to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Well, this is my friend. I’m pretty excited about what I finally decided to do for her. In true Mary style, I’m a couple of days late giving it to her. I figure she’s going to be 30 for a whole year, so why not celebrate it! Now shhhh, don’t tell her, I want it to be a surprise. I made her a terrarium.

20130913-101859.jpgIsn’t it pretty?

20130913-102019.jpgSissy is a master gardener. Beautiful landscaping surrounds her home, heritage vegetables are grown out back and herbs from her garden season her cooking. Sissy introduced me to Amanzi Tea. So there is our tea set waiting for a cool afternoon. She and I dream of buying like 100 acres of land together, where we would build our dream farm homes. The guys could hunt, mountain bike and drive atv’s, while we can raise chickens and grow our own vegetable gardens. Sissy would have her own healing garden with natural herbs and such and I would have an artist studio with lots of windows……ahhhh….I can dream!

20130913-103118.jpgSo I found this lantern at Kirkland’s and the succulents at Home Depot.

20130913-103225.jpgHobby Lobby had these wooden shapes which I thought would make a cute table and chairs.

20130913-103344.jpgI love this itsy bitsy tea set. In fact, I love all things miniature.

20130913-103446.jpgThis was kind of my vision…a tea party on the moss covered table with a ginormous chicken with bright orange feet! It was the best I could do. I eventually covered the feet with moss, which helped.

20130913-103923.jpgI’ll tell ya, I think the hardest part of this whole project, was finding a container that would fit into the lantern. I, luckily, had a plastic container that was almost perfect. I covered it with moss.

20130913-104133.jpgNow to “build” the terrarium…..add a layer of rocks to the bottom of container. Add dirt, then plants.

20130913-104305.jpgArrange your miniatures and you are done! What is so wonderful about succulents, is that they are drought tolerant and easy maintenance.

20130913-104613.jpgHappy Birthday Sissy!

Do you have any other gift ideas? I’d love to hear about them!
Thanks for dropping by!


One thought on “A Birthday Terrarium

  1. First…I am speechless and teary eyed. The terrarium is priceless, the time and talent that went into this gift warms my heart in ways I don’t even have words for. Thank you Mother Mary! (That’s what the youth group kids call her;) And I must admit, I’ve been a lot of things in my life, but I’ve never been “blogged”. πŸ˜‰ Second, I need to set the record straight: #1. I am not 30, I am celebrating the twentieth anniversary of my 30th Birthday. #2. The landscaping around my house is beautiful because my husband ( “Pizza Boy”) writes a big fat check each month for guys to show up with great big lawnmowers and bushwackers and I don’t know what all to make it that way. And #3 … Master gardener ? She must remember last years harvest of delectable goodies. But this year it was a totally different story. Termites, aphids and slugs wiped out all of my tomato plants, the deer got my spinach and I don’t know what my pepper plants. About three weeks ago I had to yank it all out…The whole summer I got one measly tomato. Hmmmm, what is the definition of master gardener again? πŸ˜‰ I hope God blesses you all with a friend who is as dear to me as Mary. BTW, wanna go look at some land this afternoon?

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