Running Fools

This past Saturday, Superman and I drove an hour and a half away to watch Thomas run in a cross country meet.

20130917-130459.jpgIt was one of those early morning drives when you just don’t mind the quiet. Look at that sun peeping through the clouds!

20130917-130603.jpgNinety-Seven teams and 3200 high school athletes participated in the Coaches Classic. It’s kind of exciting to walk through all of the school tents.

20130917-130858.jpgWe finally find our boy. Well, actually, I find him, because Superman is out running before Thomas’ race. That man can’t sit still!

20130917-131028.jpgMy handsome boy!

20130917-131100.jpgThomas and Jack have been buddies since pre-school. Love these guys!

20130917-131635.jpgBecause of the number of runners, there were several different races. Yet even separating them into groups, each group had hundreds of kids!

20130917-131846.jpgI wouldn’t necessarily call cross country a great spectator sport. The fans don’t grab a seat in the bleachers or carry in a fold up chair, you wait, cheer and move quickly to the next observation point.

20130917-132049.jpgSuperman will run to several different vantage points, while I, on the other hand, carefully map out three or so key spots that are near each other.

20130917-132625.jpgOne of the many reasons why I love cross country is the civility of it. We were a three kid-traveling soccer family. Don’t get me wrong, we loved soccer! But the coaches and fans sometimes didn’t make it so much fun. With cross country, it doesn’t matter what team you are on or what place you are in….you will be cheered for.

20130917-132934.jpgOur team has been complimented many times for the way we stick around cheering until the last runner crosses the finish line. Sometimes after the seniors on the team have finished their race, they will go back to the course to run beside a beginner runner.

20130917-133300.jpgEveryone runs. No one sits on the bench, while only a select few race. Points are kept, like in golf, lowest number wins. Of course, racing as a team is important, but so is running for yourself.

20130917-133806.jpgThomas PR’d at this race, which means this was his fastest time. Woo Hoo!

20130917-133953.jpgI like walking around and seeing the t-shirts people have on for cross country.

20130917-134057.jpgIt didn’t seem like as many people had on the funny quips, as in years before.

20130917-134230.jpgI remember one saying, “You better get used to this view, cause its all you’re gonna see.” Another is “Running won’t kill you. You’ll pass out first.”

20130917-134931.jpg “Cross Country is more interesting than running in circles.”
“Our workouts are longer than our shorts.”

20130917-135144.jpg“Cross Country, finally a practical use for a golf course!”

20130917-135607.jpgThe 7th-9th grade guys came in second place, with almost everyone PRing. These kids practiced at 7 am, Monday through Friday, during the summer. During the season, they run every day after school. Many will continue to run during the winter months and train with the track and field team in the spring. That’s a LOT of running.

20130917-140119.jpgAwards are given. Teams and individuals are acknowledged.

20130917-140225.jpgAnother great Saturday!

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