Three Gifts of Pairs

Adding to my list of 1000 Gifts in The Joy Dare Challenge, name three gifts of pairs.

20130918-082813.jpg390. Flip Flops. Ohhh, how I lurve flip flops! After months of being cramped up in closed toe shoes, my feet rejoice in being free! There’s no pressure on my bunion, the toenails that are usually knocked off because of tennis, hiking or running can have some relief and I can see my pretty nail polish! My feet are not pretty, but I lurve flip flops!

20130918-083331.jpg391. Pearl Drop Earrings Squirrel Nutkin here is modeling my favorite pair of earrings. All real southern girls wear pearls. Mine just so happen to dangle from my ears. Because I have such a hard time up my mind on most important issues, I love that I can wear these every day without much thought. They can be dressed up or worn casually.

20130918-083708.jpg392. Superman and I. This might be my favorite pair of all! We are opposite in so many ways, but have the same love and devotion to each other, our marriage and family. “Mick and Rary”, as one friend used to call us….it’s a good thing.

Do you have some pairs that you are thankful for? To leave a thought or two, scroll down to the comment section. Thanks for dropping by!


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