A Sersie for Dagmar

Dagmar and her husband, Wolfram, are taking a two week road trip for holiday.

Now, let’s go over this sentence…Dagmar: What a totally cool name. In my family we have Ann, Susan, Jane, David, Laura and Mary. Nice. Traditional. Safe. But Dagmar is an awesome name! Not only is her name awesome, but she is pretty awesome too. Not only does she play a mean game of tennis and jump out of airplanes, but she also comes up with the most creative and thoughtful gifts.

Next, take a look at Wolfram: sounds like you should stand up tall, doesn’t it? Wolfram is Dagmar’s husband. Wolfram. Wolfram. wolfram. I just like saying it. I’ve only met him once, but if he was smart enough to marry Dagmar, then he’s A-Ok in my book.

Two Weeks people! Two weeks in a car…driving from South Cackalaky to New Mexico…with her husband! I love Superman with all my heart, but two whole weeks. I just don’t know.

Holiday: “We are going on holiday”, sounds sooo much more sophisticated than “We’re going on vacation.” Or “We’re headin’ on down to Myrtle”. Do they have trailer parks in Europe?

About 8 years ago, Dagmar, Wolfram and small son moved here from Germany. She knew very little English. I can’t even imagine doing such a thing. Would I do it? Sure! But me learning a new language and culture would probably be a disaster. Dagmar fits perfectly. She’s even mastered the idea of a sersie (a southern tradition of giving a small, unexpected gift.) We hear so much depressing news about the state of America these days, I’m almost embarrassed. Yet, here is this woman who can’t wait to become a citizen! Seeing the American experience through her eyes makes me a bit proud.

I wanted to send her off on her holiday with a sersie.

20130928-180327.jpgI filled a bag with these goodies…gum, candy, chips, lotion, nail polish remover, lip balm and wipes.

20130928-180538.jpgI hope she has a safe and wonderful adventure traveling through the U.S. and filled with awe at the sight of the hot air balloons in New Mexico! See ya when you get back Girl!


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