Sharing Some Happy

20131026-150101.jpg (I do not know the owner of this pic. If you do, will you please let me know?) You know you laughed when you saw this, whether you’re blonde or brunette!

I’m inviting you to join me for some happy. Here in South Cackalacky, we have officially entered the season of fall. Us southern girls have been wearing sundresses and flip flops for about eight months now. The temperatures have dropped to 45 degrees these past few days and my body just isn’t quite ready. I’ve pulled out my sherpa lined slippers, yoga pants and snugly blanket to help warm my blood. The guys are leaving me in a few minutes to deer hunt, so I’m getting ready for a little girl time. Seriously….want to join me? I’m going to watch a few videos that make me smile.

Go ahead…I’ll wait for you…put on your favorite stretchy pants and college sweatshirt. Make a hot cup of tea. Wrap up in warm blanket. Add a pet to curl up in your lap.


20131026-152509.jpgI am.

The first video is Happy Cows Do The Spring Dance. I love cows!

20131026-154558.jpg pic from This golden retriever puppy is sooo sweet. I just want to snuggle up!

Second video: Take a Seat, Make a Friend from Soul Pancake Would you take a seat? I would! Absolutely!

20131026-160656.jpgI can’t say this word any other way! The Sandlot is one of my favorite movies of all time.

If you have a cat and/or a dog, you’ll love this video…Cats Stealing Dog Beds. My cat, Lilly, totally rules over our two dogs.

20131026-162048.jpgA girl can try, right?

Huge Happy Video up next…SoulPancake’s Elevator Joy Bomb! The Asian guy cracks me up! I know I’d dance and sing, would you?


Have you seen this one? Silly Animals Fit in Small BoxesI think I heard you giggle.

20131026-182649.jpgCan you say Pure Joy?

Ok, ok…another SoulPancake video…Street Compliments. Why don’t we do this more often?


These will be the last two….if you have college age girls, you will totally get the humor.If Guys Were Like Girls PT.1 and If Guys Were Like Girls PT.2. Sorry Mary Claire, but these guys really pegged you and your friends.

I promise! This will be the last video! Two Dogs Dining Oh my goodness! This would be so fun to do with my dogs.

Actually, I’m going to leave you with this happy Dancewalk! No one can be sad dancing in the street!

20131026-185826.jpgOh my doodness…I hope you felt the happiness I felt looking at the pictures and videos above. Thanks for dropping by!


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