A Witching Good Party

This past spring I was lucky enough to be asked to join a tennis team that has been playing together for 20 years. Besides their tennis wisdom and fun personalities, they show what true friendships are all about.

20131030-205844.jpgThey take care of each other during illness, births, death, old age, birthdays, good times, on the court and off. With this crazy world that we live in, it’s refreshing to see women dedicated to one another in this way. And how lucky am I that I am a part of this group?!


20131030-212103.jpgMy friend, Dagmar, is the one who invited me to join this tennis team. I wrote about Dagmar here. She also sent me this oh-so-cute invitation for a Halloween luncheon with the tennis group.

20131030-212739.jpgYup! I’m coming in!

20131030-212849.jpgDagmar and her little pumpkin, Buttons.

20131030-212954.jpgA spooky elegance.

20131030-213437.jpgWitches hats, high flying brooms, pumpkins, and black crows set a ghoulish table.

20131030-213727.jpgAren’t these the most adorable high heeled shoes you’ve ever seen? Dagmar put green and orange filled Oreos in the shoes as a little sersie for the guests. Love!

20131030-214132.jpgOn the menu were many things I hope I never have to eat…Brain Salad? Eye of Newt?

20131030-214457.jpgLucky for us, these gals can cook! We had a buffet of delicious food….pork loin, a bulgar wheat and tomato salad, dark greens with winter squash, goat cheese and dried plums, okra straws (which are quite yummy) and quiche. For dessert, the German ladies out did themselves with apple strudel, cinnamon-pecan-amazing cake, and bite-sized cheesecakes with raspberry centers. Yum!


20131030-215303.jpgAs you can tell, everyone had a wonderful time!

20131030-215351.jpgThank you buttons and Dagmar for a witching good time!

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