Lemons or Lemonade?

20131103-062643.jpgDid you remember to turn your clocks back an hour? I didn’t! Lemons? Or lemonade? I’ll make some lemonade and use the time to write a blog post.

20131103-062905.jpgA while back I wrote about Five Things to Call Finally Finished . One of those things was fixing my cracked kitchen sink.

20131103-063446.jpgWoop! Woop! Check that one off the list! Who cares that it took a year to get it done, I have a new sink! But I have to say, to get to this refreshing lemonade, I am going through a lot of lemons.

20131103-063641.jpgThis is Wendell, he’s a good guy. He’s not my lemon.

20131103-063729.jpgBless his heart…..lungs and eyes! He decided to drape himself in plastic to keep the dust down when he was cutting the sink out. At this moment, I do wonder why my cabinet doors are open.

20131103-063858.jpgCan I just say OMG!!!

20131103-063952.jpgAt this moment, I am kicking myself for not thinking clearly ahead of time and taping off the kitchen. I’m just naive enough, (ok, actually very, very, naive, trusting, think-after-the-fact), to think that Wendell knows what he’s doing and there won’t be much dust.

20131103-064554.jpgBelieve it or not, I’m still upbeat…my sink is being replaced and my house will be clean. I get started wiping every stinkin’ surface down. Oh yea! I’m feeling good! I’m feeling positive!

20131103-064841.jpgThen Wendell emerges from under the plastic, shakes off some dust and says “Ya know? You may want to wait on that.”

20131103-065008.jpgOle Wendell was right. After the glue set, he had to sand the sink smooth. Not as much dust as when he was cutting it out, but dust, just the same.

20131103-065149.jpgI’m still feeling good. I go back to cleaning the front of the house. Again wiping every stinkin surface down.

Wendell finishes and he helps me in the cleanup effort. I vacuum. I sweep. I dust mop. And I wet mop. From the top of the cabinets to the baseboards, we wipe. Finally after seven long hours, I took the rag from Wendell’s hands and told him to go home.

20131103-065955.jpgI thought I was done…finished….finito.

20131103-070322.jpgUntil I opened this drawer to get a hand towel. (Can you hear the loud sirens going off in my brain?)

20131103-070430.jpgThen I opened this drawer…..(now it’s the sound of the crazy murderer coming up behind me in a horror flick!) I almost cried. I was so tired. I put the towels in the washing machine and emptied the tea/coffee drawer to make them both dust free. That was it. I was done. Momma is going to bed. My last thought before going to the hinterland was “At least the house is clean.” Zzzzzz.

20131103-071127.jpgWhat-the-What?!? I woke the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I walk out of my bedroom to this! more dust had settled in the night. Which I have a feeling will continue to do in the weeks ahead.

Lemons or Lemonade? Yup. I admit I wanted to fall to the floor, curl up in the fetal position and cry. But I realized that probably wouldn’t help this situation much. I have to keep my eyes upon the big picture….a clean house. I’m going to have to squeeze lots of lemons for the next few weeks, but my sweet lemonade will be a clean house. And I have a sink that won’t crack!

Have you ever had to keep squeezing lemons knowing the lemonade was going to be sweet? Thanks for dropping by!


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