Three Gifts Sweet, Salty and Sippin

Today’s Joy Dare Challenge prompts us to name three gifts: sweet, salt and sippin’. If you are new here, I have taken the challenge to document 1000 gifts or blessings in my life. I am using Ann Voscamp’s 1000 Gifts calendar to help me along the way. You can read the post I wrote here.

This past Saturday, Superman and I had date. We live very busy lives, traveling, cross country meets, mountain biking, tennis, meetings, Boy Scouts, work and volunteering. Which all leads to exhaustion. We’ve made it 26 years, sometimes I think by a wing and a prayer. So this Past Saturday’s date was much needed and fun. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants then to a movie. We love seeing movies! This was probably the first one we’ve seen, just the two of us, in a lonnnng time.

20131106-073628.jpg421. Milk Duds.Oh-Mylanta! These are my favorite. We usually stop at a drug store to buy our candy before getting to the theatre and my boys always know what to get for their momma. They’re such good boys. And yes, I grudgingly shared my box with Superman. (He usually eats more than his fair share of the box.)

20131106-074048.jpg422. Popcorn. I know, I know….the stuff is toxic and clogging all of my arteries, but golly gee… is soooo good. I love sharing a bag with Superman! We snuggle close. I reach over and take a handful of salty goodness. It’s a good thing.

20131106-074557.jpg423. A Bottle of Water. Doesn’t drinking water offset everything else we’ve put in our mouths this evening? Superman and I, again, share. We don’t mind sharing. It’s one of those things we learned in kindergarten. And it’s cheaper that way.

This date night was so needed. We laughed so hard we started crying. I’m not even going to tell you what movie it was because it’s totally inapropro. But I am an adult and I was with my husband and we had no kids with us, so I think it was ok. I admit, I had my eyes covered sometimes, but it was crudely funny. We needed that. We needed to have a good belly laugh together. I missed that.

What are your sweet, salty and sipping gifts? What do you and your sweetheart do for fun? Is there something your relationship needs? I’d love to hear!

Thanks or dropping by! Praying you see God today!


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