If It’s Dead, It Can’t Die and other decorating ideas

20131125-154949.jpgJust a few more days and the Thanksgiving Hoo-Ha will begin! I was feeling a bit smug at my ability to be ahead of the game. My front stoop is all decorated.

20131125-155208.jpgTrees are blazing orange, red and yellows.

20131125-155340.jpgPumpkins are piled to really set the fall theme.

Ok. So maybe that was last week. This is what it looks like today…two days before company arrives.




20131125-155609.jpgThis is so sad! I kind of pride myself on having a pretty setting outside on the back deck and walking up to my front door. Not this year!

20131125-155943.jpgInside, I decorated my door panels with beautiful, extra large leaves.

20131125-160057.jpgCheck it out! One was a foot wide! Gorgeous!

20131125-160141.jpgWellll, now it looks like this. All brown and shriveled up. Not quite the same effect I had when I first put them up. What am I going to do? Thirty or so guests are showing up and everything I’ve planted is dead. I say…Go with the dead stuff!

20131125-160447.jpgI was dog sitting last week and in their back yard were some sort of pine trees that were dropping their needles. I gathered up an armful and took them home. My friend thought I was crazy, but after showing her a picture, she agreed it looked pretty on my mantle.

20131125-160905.jpgAs I was clipping the light brown grass from the side of the road, a friend driving by questioned my aesthetics. What? Does she not use roadside weeds to decorate her house?” Hey, you know what? It won’t die on me, like the $10 per pot of flowers and loads of rotted pumpkins I bought.

20131125-161520.jpgThis is my kitchen mantle. I don’t think any of this will die either.

20131125-161616.jpgI was so tired of cleaning that I really just wanted to do something with my hands. I found some fall colored yarn and started crocheting these cute little hearts and garland. It might just cross the line into too cutsie, but I don’t care. I like it.

20131125-162421.jpgAs for my dining room…still nothing living.

20131125-162457.jpgJust some really sweet forest animals. Love the little hedge hog.


20131125-162634.jpgI’m thinking I needed to be reminded that this gathering of friends and family is not about the decorations, but about the relationships. Worry not about outside adornments, but about the lips that will speak, ears that will listen, arms that will hug and the heart that will love.

Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “If It’s Dead, It Can’t Die and other decorating ideas

  1. You are amazing! With all you did last week and all the people you tookm care of, how did you have time to crochet doo-lillies? I’m with ya on the dead – not dying theme. My gorgeous mums on the front porch are scorched…a bon fire just waiting to happen…on the front porch. I’ve tried to give them away – free to a good home, but no luck yet. I guess I’ll have to toss them in the woods…and ride down the road and get some real decorations…the kind that are supposed to be dead.

    • Once I got back in the hang of the hook and yarn, it went pretty fast. In fact, most was done on our way to T’s cross country meet. Remember…it’s not about the decorations, just love the ones around you.

  2. I guess I missed your blog contest to win a “Thanksgiving HooHa ” with you, your wonderful family & all the traditions! Maybe next year I’ll enter the contest! Have A Happy Happy!!!

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