Some Weekend HoHoho

Just five days until Christmas. I’m sure you have all of your shopping done and the presents are wrapped. OR maybe you haven’t even started. Maybe life has been way too busy and you’re feeling kind of stressed out. Well, either way you need to have a bit of HoHoho in your day!

Here are a few things that are making me smile today. I hope you like them too.

20131221-084432.jpgShake Up the Happiness!

20131221-085007.jpgThe Joys of Being a Parent

20131221-085624.jpgThey thought they were giving to the needy, but they got a surprise!

20131221-090820.jpgThe Top 20 Christmas Songs Make sure you see the No. 1 song video!

20131221-094558.jpgScary Snowman Pranks. Pretty funny how just a twitch can make grown-ups go screaming!

20131221-095012.jpgJordin Sparks’, This Is My Wish

20131221-095516.jpgI took this photo and turned into a jigsaw puzzle on the iPad app Jigsaw Box. You can choose any picture of your own and turn it into a puzzle too. Fun.

20131221-100210.jpgRockin Christmas MessageGo to and make your own fun Christmas message. Easy to do.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!


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