More Doings in Jackson Hole

Jackson, Wyoming during the winter months is breath taking. Of course you can slip on some skis and take on the slopes in the area, like Superman and the kids did. I am so proud of the kids and how they conquered any fear and just did it! I have had the skis on my feet before, rode the chairlift to the top (with a death grip on the sides, trying not to look down) and even stood at the top of the mountain. I knew I had skied back east on the slippery, icy slopes, so I had a wee little bit of confidence. But the magnitude of these two and three mile runs, straight down, sometimes seeming to just go over the side of the world, I freaked! Needless to say, through tears, cussing and begging, I threw my skis over my shoulder and walked down the slope. Not one of my best moments.

20140102-154653.jpgHere are my guys ready to take on the slopes.

20140102-154811.jpgJust looking at this picture makes my stomach flip. I’m not a fan of heights.

20140102-154853.jpgSeeing this….I want to be out there too.

20140102-154925.jpgBut then I see this! No way!

20140102-155553.jpgNow don’t count me out of the fun….I love snowshoeing, cross country skiing AND snowmobiling!

20140102-155849.jpgSee? That’s me, looking awfully cool in my Nascar suit!

20140102-160200.jpgDang that’s a great looking family!

20140102-160305.jpgCan I say that I was the only one of the Higgins family that did not cause any problems like getting stuck in a snow bank?

20140102-160405.jpgOops! Mary Claire drives her vehicle into waist deep snow.

20140102-160530.jpgPLEEEEZE, can I have a house right here? So pretty.

20140102-160631.jpgYup, we drove the snowmobiles right to Granite Hot Springs, got our bathing suits on and hopped right in! So cool.

20140102-160825.jpgThe day the girls had our spa treatment, which you can read about here, the guys went hiking around Bradley Lake in the Grand Teton National park.

20140102-161353.jpgIt wasn’t all about winter sports. We took a leisurely ride on a horse drawn sleigh to see the elk.


20140102-161724.jpgElk are amazing animals. I’ve heard that elk, deer and other animals lose their antlers every year, to only grown them back bigger and stronger the next. It is so hard to believe being this close to the elk and see the size of these guys. Crazy!

20140102-162031.jpgThere was shopping to do! MC Squared modeling some awesome boots!

20140102-162141.jpgSome of my favorite finds…books cut into letters…

20140102-162218.jpgVintage towels….

20140102-162246.jpgand crazy buffalo hats, of course.

20140102-162344.jpgHey! If you’re thirsty, better drink up some Crazy Woman Water! yea, yea…no comments from the peanut gallery.

20140102-162916.jpgOne evening, we hopped on another horse drawn sleigh to see a real-live working ranch.


20140102-163313.jpgSo pretty.

20140102-163346.jpgAfter the ride, it was inside the ranch house to get warm, while Chase grills up some beautiful steaks. You’ve gotta love his mustache!


20140102-163625.jpgJackson Hole- We’ve explored your beautiful land in the summer and now in the winter. Hands down, you are amazing! Your kind people, exciting adventures, beautiful animals and gorgeous landscape make us want to come back again and again.

20140102-164047.jpgSuperman- Thank you!

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