A Letter to You My Friend

20140108-130836.jpgDear Sweet Friend,
Will you have a cup of coffee with me? I want to tell you something. I love you so. When I see you, I see a beautiful creation of God. I am blown away at how He gave you those shining eyes to see the world in a different way than I do. What do you see? I want to know. I’m sure I’m missing something in this world around me. Tell me what you see.

Sweet Friend, those ears of yours….what have they heard? Do they hear the ugly voices that tell you you are worthless and not good enough? They are lies sister! You have gifts and talents that no one else can claim. Shhh….can you hear The Only, One True Voice? It’s the only one we need to listen to. It is spoken by God. He wants you to hear how much He loves you. He wants to tell you how to be the most wonderful You, there ever is. He says that you are forgiven for any mistakes you have made. You are forgiven, beautiful and wonderful.

Friend, You bless me with your words. You make me laugh, cry, think, and most importantly, you encourage me.

Sweet girl, I thank God for you! You are a treasure. My life is better because you are in it. I am here for you. You are important to me. Share your joys, your frustrations, your fears, your achievements. Let’s celebrate life together.


I am linking up with Holley Gerth for a challenge to be an encourager. Go to her site and see many others who have encouraging words to say.



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