Some Amazing Ladies I’ve Run Into This Week

20140117-082543.jpgOk, so I really didn’t run into, like physically saw her, but I was re-introduced to this amazing woman, Martha Gray. This is a picture that I think could have been my great-great-great-great-aunt-cousin-second removed-grandmother on my mother’s side. You see, my mom had told us her story many times, but I guess today it stuck. This time I read a newspaper article written about Martha Gray, a nurse during the American Revolutionary War. What makes her so inspiring to me is that not only did she provide medical aide to the prisoners, she stood up to the general when he demanded that she stop helping the enemy. I can only imagine Martha standing there with one hand on her hip and the other pointing in the general’s face and saying “I am here to help all of the soldiers.” She had spunk! She didn’t care which side of the battle they fought, she treated them all with dignity and kindness. I want to be like her!

20140117-083506.jpgAs I was doing the “research” for this post, I ran across this brave woman, Nancy Hart. When the Tory soldiers came to her house looking for a Whig, she lied and said she knew nothing about that man, even though he had been there. After shooting one of her turkeys, the Tory’s demanded she cook it for them. This sassy gal agreed and while they were groggy on the tryptophan from the turkey, she smuggled out the men’s rifles through a hole in the wall. She kept one gun in order to hold them off until help arrived. Woo Hoo! You go girl! I want to be able to think on my feet like that, instead of coming up with a great idea days after the event. I want to be like her!

20140117-084923.jpgHave you heard about Irena Sendler? I found out about her in a friend’s Facebook post. During WWII, Irena smuggled infants and children out of a Warsaw ghetto in her tool box or a large burlap sack. With a barking dog in the back of her truck, Nazi soldiers kept their distance from her. She was able to save 2500 children. She was unfortunately caught, beaten and jailed. She had kept the names of all the children in a glass jar, that she buried under a tree in her back yard. So when the war ended, she tried to locate all the parents that may have survived to reunite the families. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize, but lost to Al Gore and his slide show. Crazy. But what an AMAZING woman! She was so brave! I want to be like her!

20140117-085857.jpgThis is Celeste Cochran. I ran into her story through She is a double amputee from the Boston bombing and has learned to run again! Would I have the determination to do that? Where would I find the strength? I want to be like her!

20140117-090611.jpgThis is a small college dorm room filled with 15 beautiful, eager, loving young ladies.

20140117-091101.jpgDo you see that sweet girl, right there? That’s my girl. There she is a senior in college, living in a freshmen dorm, (while her friends are living in apartments), leading a small group bible study in her room. While most of her classmates are out partying, she spends most of her time thinking and praying for the young girls in her midst. She remembered what it was like the first time living away from home, feeling a bit lost and insecure. She wants to help these girls find the right path to walk on during their college years, give them some sense of purpose, and to help disciple them in the Word of God. She drives a couple of girls to church every Sunday, meets one-on-one for lunch during the week and organizes prayer time in the main area of campus. Mary Claire is going through the application process right now to go overseas in missions. What was I doing when I was 21? What am I thinking about at 47? Mary Claire is passionate about Jesus Christ, dedicated to reading the bible and is unafraid of sharing with others what God has done for her and how much He loves them. I want to be like her!

Why did I run into all of these women this week? Why did they all stay with me? I realize that not everything has to have a special-hidden meaning, but I find it odd that they were here this week. Could God be trying to tell me something? Most people probably can get the meaning in one or two examples, but you see, I’m special….it takes me a whole lot of examples to get the meaning!

Maybe God is saying to me

Mary, sweet daughter of mine, I am not asking you to be perfect in everything you do, but instead live passionately for what I have asked you to do.

Hmmm….live passionately for encouraging others. That I can do.

How about you? What are you passionate about? Do you try to be great at everything? What if we were to just concentrate on the one good thing god wants us to do? What would that feel like? What could happen? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Some Amazing Ladies I’ve Run Into This Week

  1. You are the encourager and sweet inspiration for me as I read all of your blogs. And I am always happier when I have spent time with you. You are also the mother of the precious one you describe ~ Mary Claire. I think being YOU is such a beautiful gift. Thank you for taking the time to share your gift of words with all of us.

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