Superman Turns 50!

20140124-135936.jpgSuperman has hit the half century mark. He’s got a few grey hairs, but still full of piss n’ vinegar.

20140124-140114.jpgIs there adventure, athleticism and risk involved? Climb some mountains? Ski black diamond runs? Bike down steep mountain trails? He’s there.

20140124-140341.jpgNeed someone to cause a little trouble? Maybe fill your suitcase full of rice? Change your college license plate to the arch enemy without you knowing? Or how about turning the main electrical switch off while you are watching the scariest movie ever? He’s your man. (He looks like a trouble maker in this picture, doesn’t he?)

20140124-141937.jpgSuperman has his own style. Still loves snaps on his shirts, hee hee. Started at an early age, as you can see. No bow ties for this guy. He’s all outdoor adventure style.

20140124-142810.jpgThe man always succeeds in whatever he puts his mind to. Here he is as Delta Company Commander at The Citadel in 1985-86. (Oh, how I love him in uniform!) He’s taken his business from a few cardboard boxes for a desk to being in the top class in his field nationwide.

20140124-143728.jpgYeah, but with all of his awards, medals and achievements aside, Superman is so funny!

20140124-143926.jpgI remember the first time we went on a date, I had never laughed so hard! His sense of humor was one of the many things I fell in love about him. This is us at the Ring Ceremony in his senior year. It’s one of the most important occasions in a cadet’s life during school.

20140124-144624.jpgSo how do you celebrate such a BIG birthday for such a great guy? Well, as his office staff, you take him to his favorite redneck joint for a burger and humiliate him by making him wear a party hat!

20140124-145031.jpgAs his office staff, you secretly gather photos of him from days gone by, make copies and put them all over the office wall! (Now, where they got those incriminating photos is a secret. If the source is ever divulged, I will vehemently deny it!)

20140124-145432.jpgNow….as a loving wife….I crafted a heartfelt card…

20140124-145535.jpgIsn’t he lovely? He’s a happy pig. This boar goes along with his present, which is a weekend long hog hunt in the low country of SC with the boys and a good friend. (Because I have to look out for myself…ahem…it is all about me, just so you know…I made sure the destination had appropriate girl accommodations, someone else cooking and a warm fire. I wasn’t going to be left at home, don’t cha know.)

20140124-150001.jpgWe spent the birthday weekend down in Charleston, of course, with Adam and Mary Claire. The weather was a little bit chilly, but with blankets on our laps, the carriage ride was comfortable. We did the usual walking up King Street to check out the cute shops, going to The Market for a caramel apple and eating our way through many delicious meals.

20140124-151427.jpgSuperman blew his birthday candle out at a small Italian restaurant called Pane E Vino, which is located on a side street off of busy King St. Another of our favorite things to do….eating at the small mom-pop restaurants. It was wonderful!

I know it wasn’t my birthday, but I am so grateful that my whole family was able to be together. The two in college didn’t mind hanging out with us, even after just being with us a few weeks ago.
Huh. A family that likes to be together. Who woulda thunk? We are so blessed!

Happy Birthday Superman!

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