Just a Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

When you want to hang out with the guys, you’ve got to do guy stuff. So off to the farm we go.

20140127-164031.jpgSam is ready!

20140127-164054.jpgGrab some lunch on the way. I love Cook Out! Its a Christian organization that has the courage to play Christian music in the restaurant. On their cups John 3:16 is printed. think that’s cool.

20140127-164238.jpgSuperman and I are going to be getting our Concealed Weapons Permit next weekend, so he thought it would be a good idea for me to practice before I went.

20140127-164410.jpgIf you’re going to shoot, then you have to load up the magazine. I had to figure out which way “da boolits” went in. The guys got me tickled.

20140127-164637.jpgOf course there always has to be some bet going on…who can hit their target the best out of ten shots. The guys started getting all cocky when I said I’d do it too! Here’s Thomas “showing” me how to do it.

20140129-084141.jpgUh, yea right! who hit 9 out of 10?? uh huh…Big Momma! Woop Woop! You go girl! ….doin’ my dance thang. The guys said that it didn’t count. (????) We have to do another round. (????) I guess they just can’t handle this girl’s ninja shooting skills.

20140129-084739.jpgWhile the guys licked their wounds, I decided to take a little walk with Sam.

20140129-084831.jpgI’m really not a big gun fan, but I also don’t want to be known as a fussy, wimpy girl either. As the guys loaded and blew stuff up, I looked for beauty in the small stuff, like these seed pods.

20140129-085515.jpgThe curling of this tree bark….

20140129-085551.jpgThese orange berries against the grey winter landscape…

20140129-085611.jpgthe sound of the water in the stream…

20140129-085635.jpgthis old fence line that used to keep Poppy’s cows in his field

20140129-085651.jpgthe half frozen pond.


20140129-085757.jpgSam didn’t mind. I love her excitement at being at the farm. I wonder what her brain is doing as she smells every blade of grass…

20140129-085920.jpgAnd she digs furiously in some critter hole.

20140129-090048.jpgOops…I slid down an embankment. All good.

20140129-090259.jpgAlright, enough of the pretty stuff. Time to get back to showing the guys what’s up.

20140129-090355.jpgWe’re on to the big gun. I have no idea what it is. All I know is that it has a huge kick And is very loud!

20140129-090528.jpgI do have to admit that the scope on this thing is pretty cool. When looking through the scope you see a green target.

20140129-090717.jpgWe blew up some old computers.


20140129-090803.jpgIs it in their genes? Guys love blowing stuff up!

20140129-090844.jpgThey shot off hundreds of rounds.

20140129-090921.jpgI got to do what I’ve wanted to do to my computer sooo many times….

20140129-090959.jpgjust beat the snot out of it! (I know you’re jealous!)

20140129-091053.jpgJust another peaceful Sunday on the farm.

Thanks for dropping by!


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