Amanzi Tea is Amazing!

20140131-143419.jpgAs you may have heard, the south was blanketed in snow this week. Ok…so this ain’t South Carolina…

20140131-143534.jpgBut this is…all 1 inch of snow! It really is pretty.

20140131-144250.jpgHow’s a girl to stay warm? Instead of feeling guilty drinking pots of coffee, I seep some Amanzi Tea! They have only an few local locations to buy, but you can purchase online.

This is not your ordinary supermarket tea. Look at this Roasted Almond….real almonds and apples! Mmm…delicious.

20140131-145213.jpgThe Amanzi tea peeps stand behind the goodness of their product.

One of the key health benefits of tea is its high level of antioxidants, which are effective in fighting off disease-causing free radicals. In addition to fighting diseases, some types of tea, including Yerba Maté, oolong, and rooibos tea can help with weight loss, digestion, and even skin care. Whether you want to rehydrate after a workout or add a refreshing new twist to your daily routine, select a health benefit below and find the tea that’s right for you!

I had never heard of Rooibus tea, but looks like it cures about all that ails you. This Red Ginger flavor is different than any tea I’ve had before. Nice.

20140131-145614.jpgThis white tea is very light, which I find good to warm me up during the day.

20140131-145946.jpgUnlike most fruit flavored teas, which taste a bit like Kool Aid, this has just a hint of the fruit. There are real bits of pineapple and cherries in this particular one.

20140131-150319.jpgI have two of these tea strainer/drip plates. I like that I can use the strainer as a spoon to stir up the goodness and the little plate gives me a place to put my drippy strainer.

Can’t get warm? Try some Amanzi Tea to heat from the inside out with lots of deliciousness and healthy benefits.

Thanks for dropping by!


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