Valentine Candy Cone

20140205-085418.jpgMary Claire leads a bible study group in her dorm room for about 15 young ladies. I was remembering what it was like when I was that age with Valentine’s Day coming up. So much is put on this particular day, almost making it a determining factor of whether or not you are loved. It’s silly, I know, but I wanted these sweet girls to know that they are loved by the greatest and most important…God.

20140205-085802.jpgJoann’s was having a sale on their paper pads, so I grabbed up this beautiful packet. I went to my Pinterest board of paper crafts and found this idea from

20140205-091353.jpgFilled with some candy and a sweet piece of scripture…perfect.

20140205-091502.jpgThis pad of paper was 8×8 inches square. I’m sure any square size piece of paper would do. On one edge of the paper I ran a line of glue or sticky tape.

20140205-091751.jpgI rolled the paper into a cone shape, making sure the glued side was on the outside of the cone, pressing the edge. Then I stapled it at the top where the two sides met. To create the flap, gently press the corners, so the top corner can fold over easier.

20140205-093701.jpgI cut paper lace strips from my punch to layer under the scripture, “We are loved because He first loved us. 1John 4:19”.

20140205-093914.jpgI filled the cones with chocolate kisses and a lollipop.

20140205-093949.jpgAfter gluing the flap down, I adorned the outside with the scripture, lace, rhinestone dot and a bow.

20140205-094102.jpgTwenty cones ready to be mailed to Charleston!

20140205-094140.jpgWelll….maybe not 20 cones. Looks like someone thought three of them were for her! Bad dog.
Hope you have a great day!


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