Boys Are Weird

20140204-190829.jpgvia I bet this kid took a dare. Said “Yea! That sounds fun!” Buzzfeed lists some “Completely Scientific Reasons Women Live Longer Than Men”. Click here to see the pictures that had me nodding my head in agreement at the same time I’m laughing.
As a girl, I often wonder, why do they do the things they do?

20140204-192504.jpgSo here are my two 15 year olds…oops, I mean…one is 15 and the other is 50! The conversation goes something like this as Thomas looks at a bag of dog treats….
Superman: “I’ll give you $5 if you eat one of those things.”
Thomas looks at the ingredients and ups the ante, “how about 20 bucks if I eat one of each?”

20140204-192841.jpgYup! Just as quick as that he’s taking a bite.

20140204-192932.jpgMmmm yummy!

20140204-192959.jpgWellll…maybe not.

20140204-193101.jpgClaims it’s a bit salty, but gets it down.

20140204-193237.jpgOn to the next “treat” a peanut butter flavored ear. Sounds delicious, huh?

20140204-193357.jpgSuperman reminds Thomas that it has to be in the gullet for it to count…aka no barfing it up.

20140204-193453.jpg“This has no taste”, he says.

20140204-195341.jpg“Can I get you something to drink?”, me asks. (Notice, Sam ready to take care of anything Thomas doesn’t want to eat.)

20140204-195500.jpg“Drinks are for girls!”
You know what, buddy? You can have that title! Or money, as the case may be. “Hmmm…I’m gonna take that dumb bet of yours!”, said no girl ever!

Just another moment in my life. Hope you’ve had a great day!


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