Ghiradelli Gift Box

20140211-075412.jpgIsn’t this kaaute! I found this cutie on Pinterest. Click here for Beate John’s full instructions. She even has a great instructional video to guide you along.
But here are my simple directions.

20140211-080243.jpgYou will need: 4 1/2″ x 8″ piece of cardstock

20140211-080505.jpgScore the short end at 1″ on each side. (Score at 1″, then flip the paper to score the other side at 1″.) Turn paper to score the long side at 2″, 3″, 5″, 6″.

Press each scored line.

20140211-081347.jpgCut 3″ corners from one end to make box flap. and cut in at the 1″ marks on the sides.

20140211-081427.jpgAdd glue tape to the marked edges.

20140211-081759.jpgFold box up!

After cutting about a1/2″ off the flap, I added a heart to the front of box. Glueing just the bottom half of heart allowed the flap to slip behind and keep box closed.
Three Ghiradelli chocolates fit perfectly inside!
Wonder who will be my Valentines?
20140211-082352.jpgRats! I have a few chocolates left over. What should I do?

20140211-082631.jpgThanks for dropping by!


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