First Baby Step to Simplification

20140219-155200.jpgNo, I am not proud of this. But life happens and I’m going to finally do something about it.

20140219-155251.jpgGuess what? Labeling the shelves doesn’t do much good, if the stuff doesn’t go back where it needs to.

20140219-155354.jpgI pulled every last thing out of the closet. I decided whether it needed to be washed and kept or given away.

20140219-155621.jpgSee this blue box, that always got caught on the door-thingy? The box that is filled to the rim? The box that hasn’t moved or seen the light of day for over six years? Yea. That box. Well, I pulled that baby out and dealt with it.

20140219-155906.jpgSee this pretty blue chest? I love my Salvation Army chest. I’ve had it painted for about a year and a half now and finally lined the wonky drawers today. You can’t say I don’t get things done! Anyway…

20140219-160242.jpgI took the pretty tablecloths from the torn up blue box in my linen closet and put them in here! While I was at it, I searched around the house for more table linens and organized them in my pretty blue chest. I love all of my April Cornell table cloths. They make me happy.

20140219-160526.jpgBut this, this makes me very happy!! I have three large black bags ready for the shelter. I’m all hyped up now…I’m on a roll…I’m going to vacuum the house!

20140219-160727.jpgUntil I begin to push this thing around and notice nothing is being sucked up. I’m just like pushing the dirt and dog hair around the floor. No problem, I still have a bit of gung-ho in me from the closet clean out. I take the bad boy apart. Not once. Not twice. BUT THREE TIMES! All of a sudden, I’m exhausted, joyless and pretty frustrated.

20140219-161203.jpgIt still sits there…five hours later.

20140219-161233.jpgAnd this is still there! Woop Woop! Just one small step in simplifying my life.

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