Sissy’s Love Box

So I ordered these small metal boxes from Jane, it used to be called Very Jane, but now just Jane. this site will gladly send you a daily deal every day!

20140301-082059.jpg$20 for this pretty blouse.

20140301-082131.jpg$10 for this bracelet.

20140301-082200.jpgThis bee necklace is adorable.


20140301-082240.jpgBags, yoga mats and little tin containers. The thing is, the daily deal is only there until the product sells out. So you better hurry and buy before your neighbor gets it! The problem here is obvious….you get an email every day! I am not strong. Ten dollars here, five bucks there….geez, I had to cancel my subscription. But, before I cancelled it, I had bought these cute little tin containers in several sizes.
Back in December, my friend Andrea and I used one set of containers for our homemade lip balm.

20140301-082855.jpgWell, another size and shape that I had bought in that order was an Altoid-like tin with a window. I knew I wanted to make a photo album out of one of them, but I didn’t know for whom.

20140301-083353.jpgOne day it hit me…my friend Sissy needs a love box. She has dealt with losing her mother, mother-in-law and a good friend all in this past year. She also battles her way through the mysteries of raising a daughter with multiple learning, social and emotional issues. Adopting her daughter from China at the age of 11, Sissy has had to do some serious detective work to determine the causes and solutions to issues that have developed. It is exhausting for her. In that exhaustion, one could question how much a person could handle. Sissy is so strong. I wanted to remind her the main reason for all that she does…her family.

20140301-084245.jpgOne of my other obsessions is MyCraftChannel. I received this package of beautiful papers, ribbons and ephedra.

20140301-084528.jpgSo the first step is to pick the papers you want use, cut and round the corners to fit the box.

20140301-085817.jpgGlue the papers to both sides of accordion folded cardstock.

20140301-085949.jpgOn the first “page”, sandwich a ribbon tag between the papers.

20140301-090128.jpgI made myself a “window” card to help me figure out which photos would fit in my album.

20140301-090250.jpgI cut and glued photos and encouraging bible verses to the pages.

20140301-090611.jpgGlue the last page onto the bottom of the box.

20140301-090710.jpgDecorate the top page with title and bejeweled accents. I love these black sparkley jewels.

20140301-090904.jpgPretty! I can’t wait to give it to her!

There are so many cute ideas on Pinterest for creative uses for Altoid tins. I wonder what I’ll make next?

Thanks for dropping by,


Update…I may have gotten these boxes from Pick Your Plum.

One thought on “Sissy’s Love Box

  1. What a sweet gift. I’m sure Sissy will love all the thought and time that you put into her gift as much as the cute album itself.

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