Easter Egg Wrap

The daffodils are popping up! Some days it has gotten up into the 70’s…mmm warmth. I love spring. I’ve been seeing these pretty wrapped Easter eggs in Pinterest lately and wanted to give it a try.

20140305-165448.jpgOoooo…Colorful eggs by Uncommon Designs!

20140305-165508.jpgOf course ol Martha has to get all fancy with thread, but don’t they look pretty?

20140305-165548.jpgMaybe ones like these from The V Spot covered with twine would look nice with my woodland animals.

I only have to spend one dollar for the plastic eggs. Woo Hoo! Cheap and quick!

20140305-165703.jpgI couldn’t find the twine, but I’m sure it will show up as soon as I’m finished. So I grabbed a few different different colors from my stash.

20140305-165809.jpgRead directions? Surely, we just have to glue and wrap.

20140305-165842.jpgMore white school glue is better, right?

20140305-165927.jpgHmmm…as I try to get each row of yarn butting up next to the previous row, the other rows seem to be slipping off the back end.

20140305-170054.jpgUgh!I can’t seem to get the yarn from sticking to my hand!!!

20140305-170140.jpgDon’t give up!

20140305-170158.jpgOh geez.

20140305-170942.jpgOh brother. I tried wrapping it from end-to-end, instead of round and round. Not too pretty.

20140305-171040.jpgWhat if I use the hot glue gun?

20140305-171102.jpgOh puleeze. Don’t hold the egg too hard or else it pops open.

20140305-171144.jpgMy “quick ‘n easy” project turned somewhat into an crafty debacle.

20140305-171407.jpgBut since no one really is going to see it, I think they turned out just fine.

Notes to self…1. Read the directions from people who have done it before.
2. Use a thicker glue than white school glue. Thin and runny glue, makes for sticky, runny yarn.
3.Still having not read any directions….using hot glue is fine. Just take your time. A little line at a time.

Happy Spring!


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