Oh Joy! Sam’s Squirrel

What brings you joy?

20140324-085203.jpgI love reuniting with my family. There’s a quiver inside of me moments before I see them. This is especially true right now that two of my kids are in college.

20140324-085620.jpgOh man! Playing tennis on a warm spring day!?! Joy, Joy Joy! Being on the court, no matter how bad I may be playing that day, with friends, birds are chirping, the sun is shining down….I love it! I get giddy. And maybe a little bit silly.

20140324-085819.jpgWhat brings Sam joy? Squirrels! Now I’m not sure if she actually caught this poor guy or if she found it in this state…it doesn’t really matter….She Loves It!

20140324-090941.jpgI was enjoying a beautiful, warm day outside on the patio reading, when I saw Sam throwing something in the air, barking and leaping around.

20140324-091343.jpgWhen I finally caught up to her, she was breathless in happiness. “Look Ma, isn’t he great?!”

20140324-091515.jpgFor the next hour or so, I watched her carry the squirrel from one spot to another.

20140324-091639.jpgShe’d bury it by the bushes.

20140324-091711.jpgShe would come back to me, nudge my arm, so I would ask her where her squirrel was. Then she’d dart over to the spot and dig it back up.

20140324-091812.jpgMaybe here would be a good spot.

20140324-092317.jpgUnder the deck?


20140324-092421.jpgHow about inside?

20140324-092500.jpgShe would sniff it, lick it and roll it around. I’m sure the dirtier, the better.

20140324-092558.jpgLots of digging.

20140324-092629.jpgLots of holes.

20140324-092724.jpgShe may have been sidetracked on this one.

20140324-093333.jpgLife is so good!

20140324-093429.jpgSo how long did this squirrel last, so to speak?

20140324-093512.jpgTHREE DAYS! (Yes it was gross.)

20140324-093606.jpgBut this was one happy dog.

What brings you joy?

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