Oh Joy! Sam’s Squirrel

What brings you joy?

20140324-085203.jpgI love reuniting with my family. There’s a quiver inside of me moments before I see them. This is especially true right now that two of my kids are in college.

20140324-085620.jpgOh man! Playing tennis on a warm spring day!?! Joy, Joy Joy! Being on the court, no matter how bad I may be playing that day, with friends, birds are chirping, the sun is shining down….I love it! I get giddy. And maybe a little bit silly.

20140324-085819.jpgWhat brings Sam joy? Squirrels! Now I’m not sure if she actually caught this poor guy or if she found it in this state…it doesn’t really matter….She Loves It!

20140324-090941.jpgI was enjoying a beautiful, warm day outside on the patio reading, when I saw Sam throwing something in the air, barking and leaping around.

20140324-091343.jpgWhen I finally caught up to her, she was breathless in happiness. “Look Ma, isn’t he great?!”

20140324-091515.jpgFor the next hour or so, I watched her carry the squirrel from one spot to another.

20140324-091639.jpgShe’d bury it by the bushes.

20140324-091711.jpgShe would come back to me, nudge my arm, so I would ask her where her squirrel was. Then she’d dart over to the spot and dig it back up.

20140324-091812.jpgMaybe here would be a good spot.

20140324-092317.jpgUnder the deck?


20140324-092421.jpgHow about inside?

20140324-092500.jpgShe would sniff it, lick it and roll it around. I’m sure the dirtier, the better.

20140324-092558.jpgLots of digging.

20140324-092629.jpgLots of holes.

20140324-092724.jpgShe may have been sidetracked on this one.

20140324-093333.jpgLife is so good!

20140324-093429.jpgSo how long did this squirrel last, so to speak?

20140324-093512.jpgTHREE DAYS! (Yes it was gross.)

20140324-093606.jpgBut this was one happy dog.

What brings you joy?

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Prayer Shawl

This past December, Hutch, a friend of ours, suddenly passed away from a heart attack. It was truly shocking. Visiting his widow the next day was horrible. The first thing she said to us was “Don’t take this day for granted.”

I remember all the laughs we had. For years, our group of about ten couples from church would gather at someone’s house once a month for Appetizer Club. Each couple would bring their favorite dish and drink. We did this for years! Every Christmas we would do the crazy gift exchange and Hutch would be the one to make the funny comments and get us going. I miss those days. Our kids have grown up, some families have moved away and our lives have changed.

20140317-091939.jpgI didn’t know what to do for Rene. Her pain was so raw.

20140317-092025.jpgThen I read Lil Blue Boo blog post about a prayer shawl she was given. Ashley received a beautiful, blue hand knitted shawl while she was fighting cancer,from someone she didn’t even know. The shawl had been prayed over by the giver’s church.

20140317-092623.jpgThis post spoke to me immediately. You see, I had bought a dozen skeins of yarn from a local knitting store that was going out of business about 25 years ago. I had never done anything with the yarn until now. I always thought the yarn was so soft and pretty, but I didn’t know what to do with it.

I did a little research into prayer shawls and found that they are usually given to someone suffering grief, pain or sickness. As the knitter knits the stitches, she prays for the recipient. When the shawl is finished, hands are laid upon it and is blessed by many. The intent of this gift is to provide a hug, warmth, security and comfort.

20140317-093528.jpgI did pray for Rene and her children as I knitted. I knew there wasn’t much I could do to take away her pain, but I could pray for her.

20140317-093730.jpgI finally finished it.

20140317-093835.jpgWrapped and ready to mail. I pray she feels some comfort when she feels overwhelmed and sad. I pray that when she wraps this shawl around her, she knows that she is loved.

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