MC’s Bedroom Grows Up, part2

Yesterday I shared the first stage of Mary Claire’s bedroom re-do. The next step was to paint the furniture.

20140421-204055.jpgThis bed and dresser was Superman’s as a child. When MC was about 5 years old I painted the brown set white. Sixteen years later it is time for a change.

20140421-204417.jpgChecking out my Pinterest boards I see that I’ve pinned several ideas using Annie Sloan Paint.

20140421-204833.jpgI love, love, love the colors! Checking out the Annie Sloan website, she tells me the most amazing things….”No scraping, no stripping, no sanding and no priming.” Wha-what?!? Where oh where can I find this wonderful product?

My sweet friend Amanda tells me I can find it just up the road from me. Awesome! Terri’s Treasures had exactly what I needed.

20140421-205658.jpgI chose Old White and the dark wax.

20140421-210212.jpgThis paint is thick and yummy.

20140421-210330.jpgEverything got a good coat of paint and a layer of clear wax.

20140421-210456.jpgAmazingly, after painting the headboard, footboard, dresser, drawers and two end tables, I still had paint left over.

20140421-210609.jpgEVEN after getting it on my clothes and kneeling on the lid. I was so “in” to painting, that I had no clue what I had done until I stood up. Duh.

20140421-210803.jpgNow for the scary part….the dark wax.

20140421-210845.jpgPainted with Old White paint.

20140421-210915.jpgUsing a clearance sale Target paintbrush, ($1 per brush…oh yea!), I pounced a wee bit of wax on a small area.

20140421-211249.jpgUsing an old cotton t-shirt, I buffed the wax.

20140421-211426.jpgA little bit of wax goes a long way. I may have gotten a bit heavy handed here.

20140421-212018.jpgLawdy, let me tell you…I was worn out. The bursa in my shoulder was swollen and throbbing after several hours of wax on-wax off.In addition to a layer of clear wax and a layer of dark wax, several layers of clear wax made the pieces protected and silky soft. Needless to say, buffing in the wax took several days.

20140421-212337.jpgSam was a good encourager.

20140421-213027.jpgThe last thing to do on this part of the project was figuring out the hardware. I removed the paint on the hardware here. But I had a missing handle. Do I find an exact match on a 1960’s vintage? Good luck with that. Find handles that will match the holes? Tried, but no luck. Or fill the holes and drill a new one? BINGO!

20140421-213654.jpgHobby Lobby had these adorable turquoise birds. Sooo caaute!

20140421-213816.jpgLilly likes.


Tomorrow I’ll show you some fun details I made.

Thanks for dropping by!


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