MC’s Bedroom Grows Up, part 3

20140422-102933.jpgYesterday I ended Mary Claire’s bedroom redo here. You can see the first part of the transformation here. The interesting thing about this room is that it needed to be grown up, but yet not completely leave my daughter out. Sure she is moving onto adult life, but she still needed to feel like this was her room. I really like the way it has turned out, fresh, comforting and updated.

I wanted to show you some cute accessories I made for little to no money.

20140422-103627.jpgDo you see the paper patchwork above her bed?

20140422-103719.jpgI turned it into this! My first thought was to use an old shutter to hold her photographs. But it was just too much shabby paint and looked too heavy up there.

It was a great moment when the idea came to me that I could reuse the patchwork board. I tore off the paper and covered it with a green polka dot fabric.

20140422-104145.jpgI added ribbon, stapling it in the back.

20140422-104259.jpgButtons were hot glued to the x’s and miniature clothespins help hold the pictures to the board. Easy-skeesy!

20140422-104459.jpgI made this burlap heart pillow using materials I had in my craft closet!

20140422-104609.jpgBurlap for the pillow cover and a super soft fuzzy fabric for the heart.

20140422-104835.jpgLay the fuzzy fabric under the burlap, with the fuzzy up. Pin well.

20140422-105401.jpgSew using a satin stitch on the heart line. Using small scissors, carefully cut only the inside of the burlap heart.

20140422-105610.jpgThe fuzzy fabric should be peeking out. Turn burlap over and trim fuzzy fabric close to stitching.

20140422-105730.jpgSew the two burlap squares together, leaving an opening for pillow form. Sew closed. I love!

20140422-110048.jpgThe Dream pillow was made by wrapping fabric around a roll of quilting batting. The ends were drawn together with a ribbon and glued closed. I used my Cricut machine to cut out the word “dream” from iron-on vinyl.

20140422-203858.jpgThis is another Pinterest idea.

20140422-204600.jpg(pic vialovestitched) I was inspired to recreate these pretty butterflies.

20140422-204913.jpgI had an old shadow box frame from a project I did years before, a butterfly punch and of course, some pretty papers. I wrapped the back with tan fabric. Then attached the paper butterflies with adhesive dots. I think folding the wings and using the dots to raise them off the back gives the project a bit of dimension.


20140422-205743.jpgSo, whatcha think? I’m very happy with the results. But most importantly, Mary Claire is very pleased with her new bedroom.

Thanks for dropping by!


3 thoughts on “MC’s Bedroom Grows Up, part 3

  1. you are so amazingly creative and talented. Thank you for sharing you and your sweet heart and ideas with all of us.

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