Easy Watercolor Prints

20140428-155302.jpgI added a collection of watercolor prints to Mary Claire’s Room.

20140428-155455.jpgAnd I “did” them all by myself! Well….sorta. No, I did not paint them, but I did create them.

20140428-160028.jpgDownload the Waterlogue App.
Choose one of your photos and play around the app!

20140428-160214.jpgFor example, a sunflower from my yard.

20140428-160239.jpgA flower from my tulip tree.

20140428-160301.jpgIt can even make a not-so-good looking picture and make it look great! You can’t even tell that my blooms were spent and drooping in the finished picture.

20140428-160437.jpgThen I had them developed like normal. Easy Peasy!

20140428-160519.jpgIf you haven’t heard….Groovebook is a fantastic way to get all those pictures off your iPhone or iPad. Just download the app and for a small monthly fee of $2.99, yes $2.99, you will receive up to 100 photos in a cute book. What’s also very cool about this product, is that the photos easily tear out, like my watercolor photos did! Cool, right? I even get a little email reminder to pick the photos I want, which is super helpful with my forgetful mind.

20140428-161736.jpgSo back to my easy artwork….I think you’ll agree that this is an easy way to make your artwork personal and original!

Thanks for dropping by!


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