Just Call Me Nat-Geo Girl

I’m sitting here in my gazebo when I see these two cardinals zoom in and out of the Jessamine Vine.

20140429-143323.jpgThe babies are just tweeting away when momma and daddy approach. I think her name is Helen and his name is Frank.

20140429-143449.jpgWhen I get up to take a closer look, Frank flies away, but Helen keeps feeding her babies. Of course being the momma, her coloring blends in with the foliage, so it’s harder for me to get a great picture. Actually, I’ve only got my iPad, so the quality is what it is.

20140429-143836.jpgBecause of his beautiful red feathers, I REALLY want a picture of Frank, but every time I get up for a closer look he flies away! (scaredy cat). So I decide to wait. I stand there with my iPad pressed against the screen waiting for Frank to come back. I wait and wait and wait. I don’t move a muscle or turn my head or scratch my nose. I wait.

20140429-144959.jpgThen I see him! He’s checking things out. Frank flies over to the feeders to pick up some food for the fam. I hear him fly around the gazebo and lands in a nearby tree. Ouuuu…I just know he’s coming home!

20140429-145346.jpgWith my finger ready to shoot…I get him!!!




20140429-145458.jpgWoo Hoo! I love how the camera feature will automatically shoot in sport mode when you hold the button down. So cool!

20140429-145921.jpgIsn’t Frank handsome? He’s such a good daddy.

20140429-150031.jpgLet me introduce you to the babies, Georgie and Louise. They sure aren’t what you’d call “purty” babies, but I’m sure they’ll fluff out and be beautiful soon.

20140429-150908.jpgOh my doodness! Just widdle baby birds.

Of course, I’m not tall enough and too lazy to get the tall ladder, so I’m standing on a chair, reaching my arms up and randomly taking pics. Not too bad for not seeing what I’m doing, huh?

20140429-175930.jpgHelen is twittering away about this human being too close to her babies. I can tell I’m causing her a lot of stress, so Nat-Geo Gal needs to call it a day.

Wow. I certainly have more respect for professional photographers who really capture the beauty and awesomeness of nature. I only stood there for about 10 minutes, but the anticipation was crazy. My hats off to them all!

Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Nat-Geo Girl

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