Cardinal Family Update

20140504-135855.jpgRemember Helen, Frank

20140504-140025.jpgand their kids Georgie and Louise?

Well, I went to check up on my new neighbors. I even brought a tall ladder with me, so I could get a good look in the nest. And this is what I found….

20140504-140214.jpgAaagh! Why is it empty? They never said good-bye! It’s a good neighborhood, really. I didn’t mean to be so nosey the first time we met. I was just trying to get to know them.

I did a little research to see if there could be an explanation. The babies do leave the nest at about 12 days, but I really don’t think that they were that old. They didn’t even have their feathers yet. Just like typical teenagers, running off without their licenses.

Then yesterday, when Superman and I were doing some yard work, we watched three blackbirds dive-bomb a hawk. It happened a couple of times. I’m sure the hawk was getting a little bit too close to the blackbirds’ babies. Did the hawk get Georgie and Louise? I guess I’ll never know.

I just wish Helen had left a note or something. I’m so sad.
Well, I’m certainly going to be keeping my eyes open, maybe I’ll get a glimpse of the cardinal family flying around.

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