Nat-Geo Girl Meets New Feathered Neighbors

Nat-Geo Girl here again to report on some new feathered neighbors. Last week I introduced you to Helen, Frank and their chicks, Georgie and Louise.

20140508-112939.jpgAs you may remember, Frank was a handsome fella, who glided in and out of the nest bringing the bacon home to the family. Ok, maybe not bacon, per say, but food non the less. I thought things were going well.

20140508-114018.jpgThen one morning , I went to say hello and I saw this…an empty nest. Did the kids grow so fast that they were ready to leave the nest? Did a hawk have some finger lickin’ chicken for dinner? Maybe they were part of the A.W.P.P. (Aviary Witness Protection Program)! Whatever the reason for their leaving, I wish them well.

20140508-114617.jpgSo, a day or so later, I notice a momma robin dart in and out of the Jessamine Vine on the other side of the column. Hmmm…Nat-Geo girl can’t let that go unseen, she must have a look!

20140508-114813.jpgOh My Doodness, More babies! I love his fuzzy mohawk he’s sporting there! Say hello to these southern, born and bred youngsters, Dixie and Jethro. Poor momma, just can’t keep enough food in the nest. This boy is hungry!

20140508-115558.jpgBeing the professional that I am, with my professional photography equipment-my iPad, I waited.

20140508-115705.jpgAnd I waited for Momma Peaches to come home from the supermarket.

20140508-120249.jpgI saw her next door gathering worms. (It was actually kinda funny with me on my belly, peering into my next door neighbors yard, trying to get a picture of this bird. But you know…us professionals have to go to great lengths to capture great photos!)

20140508-120539.jpgWhen Peaches flew away, I knew she was on her way to Dixie and Jethro, so I scurried back to my chair to wait. I saw her! There in the grass with a worm in her mouth! I didn’t move a muscle. (If you know me, you know hard this is for me! I’m a twitching, dancing, wiggling, spastic human being!)

20140508-120921.jpgPeaches is fast! but I got her!

20140508-121033.jpgIsn’t she beautiful? I think she’s pretty amazing. Building her nest, laying the eggs, and feeding the babies constantly.

20140508-121448.jpgI know, I know….birds since the beginning of time have been building nests…but you know what? I still think it’s amazing! Lookie here at some of the materials the cardinals used…sticks, leaves, paper and plastic bags.

20140508-122022.jpgI think I need to help my feathered friends with some nesting materials, like this one from Birding

20140508-122519.jpgMomma Peaches, don’t you worry girl, I won’t hurt your babies. I’m going to stay out of your way. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to sit back and watch with amazement as you care for your young’uns.

20140508-123056.jpgThey sure are a rowdy bunch!

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