Making Memories at Harry’s

My tennis team, the Topspinners, won our area league, so we advanced to the SC State Championships. Woo Hoo! It was the most fun! 20140519-092059-33659617.jpgThe road trip began with three of my girlfriends, Natalie, Pam and Yvette. The two and a half hour drive flew right by, with us chattering the whole way.

Arriving at the my hotel around 7:00 pm, Yvette dropped me off and I connected with the others from our team. We were all very hungry, so we wanted to go to a local craft brewery, but it was jam packed with other tennis teams. We immediately researched other restaurants in the area.

20140519-092707-34027488.jpgHmmm….This place looks great! Great menu, 5 stars, what could go wrong?

20140519-092834-34114514.jpgOk, so the outside was a little sketchy, but sometimes the best food is in a dump of a restaurant. One couple almost refused to get out of their car, until (they claim), I forced them to come inside. I wasn’t afraid. Come on! Let’s give it a try! I mean, heck, others are walking in with bottles of opened beer in their hands and the local drunk is stumbling out of a taxi. It’s gotta be a quality place!

20140519-093155-34315886.jpgWhat do you think? Does the description on the travel website match this menu? You’re right, it most certainly does not! Even the bar owner, Harry, acknowledged that that was not his menu. Ya think?

20140519-093624-34584974.jpgWe were together. We were going to make the best of it.

20140519-093724-34644905.jpgThe window behind my head was “professionally” fixed.

20140519-093905-34745543.jpgAbove my head was the bathroom fan that was left behind after “renovating” the house into a bar. I guess they wanted to keep as much of the original details as possible. GROSS!

20140519-094136-34896816.jpgWe begin ordering….some went the wimpy route, by ordering fried foods, hoping anything that could make them sick would be killed in the hot grease.

20140519-094416-35056206.jpgOthers, like me, decided to live dangerously and ordered steamed crab legs and shrimp. It actually was pretty good!

20140519-094525-35125586.jpgWe did wrap the salt and pepper shakers due to the layers of yuck on them.

20140519-094637-35197705.jpgHere’s to Wendy’s birthday and to Superman, (who could not join us), and our anniversary AND to making memories!)

When we asked our sweet waitress for some more silverware, (I quote)

Are you stealing my silverware?!? (Pause…) It ain’t real silverware, ya know!

Of course, after a beer a girl needs to go potty.


20140519-095054-35454219.jpgPlease, Just say Sheniqua’s phone number out loud!
(As it turns out, after sharing this night’s experience with a shop owner the next day, Cole and Hayley were actually getting married in the biggest Hoity-toity wedding on Saturday! Classy couple.)

20140519-100329-36209432.jpgWendy and Linda can’t believe they are actually eating here.

20140519-101109-36669965.jpgI think they have beaten the world’s record for using the most hand sanitizer!

20140519-101210-36730561.jpgMaking memories requires lots of chattering!

As we were finishing up, one of the gals had a question about her bill..and the waitress said…

Oh Honey, you got the Monday’s Special.

Today was Friday. Just sayin’.

20140519-101249-36769130.jpgMemories were made.

20140519-101342-36822894.jpgOn our way out, Pam, Yvette and I discovered that maybe Harry put more into his truck than his restaurant.

20140519-102501-37501609.jpgBefore we all get too judgemental, this establishment won “Honorable Mention in the city’s Seafood Restaurant division”.

20140519-102730-37650724.jpgNeedless to say….Andy and Wendy used up the last drop of Purell.

Thanks for dropping by,


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