Burning the Files

20140602-134309-49389239.jpgAfter 15 years of filing away, Superman decided it was time to incinerate 80 or so boxes of files. You may be thinking what I suggested, “Why don’t you call the shredding company to take of this?” I got one of those Are you kidding me?!? stares from all three of my guys. Come on! Three guys and the opportunity to burn something?…..silly me!20140602-134438-49478289.jpgIt may have helped his decision that this young lad was home for the summer. (My sweet widdle baby boy.) Adam is interning for dear old Dad. Let’s just say the boss man wants his son to learn the business from the bottom up. So Adam’s first assignment was to unload the storage building of all the old files onto his truck and take them to the farm. Needless to say, it took a couple of trips to empty the building.

20140602-135329-50009286.jpgSo here we are stacking boxes, then throwing them into a great big pile to be burned.

20140602-135504-50104055.jpgOf course there were the contests to see who could throw the farthest, throw the biggest, etc…

20140602-135811-50291276.jpgFortunately for us, it was an overcast day which made the temperatures cooler than usual and the hope of rain when we finished.


20140602-135920-50360384.jpgFire scares me. Papers and embers are flying everywhere. I just prayed we didn’t light something up down the road.

20140602-140036-50436614.jpgOne of my jobs was to snuff out any rouge grass flare ups.

20140602-140153-50513425.jpgThere’s a lot of watching…

20140602-140152-50512845.jpgThere’s a lot of waiting.

20140602-140315-50595798.jpgWe made the misconception that this project would go pretty fast…you know, paper and fire will burn quickly. Not. At least not when the boxes are tightly filled with files.

20140602-140505-50705400.jpgIt took lots of poking, turning and digging in the fire to get the papers on the bottom exposed to the flames.

20140602-140632-50792375.jpgLet me tell you…it was HOT! I’d get in there to move stuff around, but I would to get out of there quick, because my face, arms and legs would burn.

20140602-140900-50940825.jpgSuperman used the tractor to move the large logs around to help add more oxygen and spread the papers more.

20140602-141017-51017492.jpgSam was, of course, down there “helping” us. She literally ran over a baby fawn that was lying in some tall grass. The baby had to have been born only a day or so before. It sort of squeeked out, Sam turned around and tried to lunge for, but Superman grabbed her. We held onto Sam as the fawn ran away. I took Sam by the collar and walked her back to the barn.

20140602-141440-51280109.jpgThinking that by getting her away from the area, it might get her mind off the deer. But lo and behold, she runs up on a turkey nest! The momma flies away with Sam chasing her. As Sam trots back, she sees the nest and begins to stick her nose in the nest to investigate. I’m yelling at her to get away…I’m trying to figure out what we are going to do.

20140602-142148-51708832.jpgThe boys had gone to the corner store for more drinks and gasoline, the fire looked contained, so Superman and I walked Sam down to the pond for a swim. I swear we were gone maybe five minutes!

20140602-142400-51840297.jpgWe got back to the fire and saw this! embers had started a grass fire!

20140602-142510-51910814.jpgAdam’s shoes he had been wearing before putting on his boots were lying in grass that caught fire.

20140602-142717-52037968.jpgLuckily, we came back in time to stop any more damage from happening. But it really brought home the danger fire brings. It made me think about the horrendous fires out west destroying communities, forests and homes.

20140602-142921-52161677.jpgBy only looking at the pile of ashes, you would think everything is burned, but then with a quick flip, you’d see more untouched files.

20140602-143451-52491040.jpgFire. Ashes. It demands our respect.

20140602-143611-52571263.jpgSam is pooped. I’m sneezing my splitting head off.

20140602-143715-52635830.jpgWe’re covered in ash and dirt.

20140602-143822-52702725.jpgThe project that began at 8:00 that morning, ends twelve hours later after a vigilant watch. Next time we might do it a bit differently. But right now, it’s time for a shower.

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