7 Up

20140629-162453-59093369.jpgThe high school was going to resurface the track, so the coach told the runners they could take a piece home with them if they wanted. Most of the kids tore off a piece of the track the size of your hand. My son? Let’s try a whole number! (I admit it’s waayyyy better than just a small piece.)20140629-162728-59248037.jpgThis forty pound piece of rubber laid in my driveway, for like the last nine months. I knew I wanted to get it up, but was a little intimidated by its size. So one hot, and I mean 100 degrees hot day, I had a bee in my bonnet to get. it. done!

20140629-162910-59350464.jpgAfter nine months weeds started growing.

20140629-162935-59375415.jpgThe underside wasn’t looking so great either, so I washed both sides down with the hose.

20140629-163200-59520544.jpgI decided to use the boards from a pallet. I’ve never taken one apart before, so this turned into a project of errors lessons. Prying the boards up did not work.

20140629-163423-59663036.jpgSo let’s start sawing! This was not working. (Duh! Wrong type of saw Mar!)

20140629-163523-59723784.jpgMuch easier! There were still the middle nails I had to deal with.

20140629-163624-59784140.jpgSo I went back to the proper saw and sliced right through those babies.

20140629-163716-59836805.jpgFound the studs and screwed the boards in, hoping to provide enough surface area to attach the number to. As you can see, after attaching the boards I applied Liquid Nails.

20140629-163939-59979264.jpgNext, called in the big guns to lift the piece onto the wall, while Superman placed about 30 screws throughout.

20140629-164056-60056820.jpgSuperman was never very confident that this crazy idea of mine would work, so my confidence was a little shaky. I, originally, wanted to put it in our fun basement, but then I thought that if I were to totally mess the project up, it would be better to mess up the garage.

20140629-164329-60209372.jpgI don’t know….but I’m thinking I need to trust myself more often. This is pretty cool!

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