When Your Heart Feels Raw

The baby boy is going into surgery for the 79th time.

The man is stuffing handfuls of mayonnaise and sugar packets into his pockets.

Teenagers are trying to navigate through the waters of growing up, just like generations and generations before them.

Those in financial turmoil can not get off the wheel of bad decisions.

The owner of the dilapidated house drives a brand new, shiny, red BMW.

Momma has her sixth child taken away.

With all of the services, education, free meals, opportunities, and churches available, families still live is desperate poverty.

As the crack house and pot shop are open in the neighborhood, children ride their bikes to and fro.

Friends and family move away.

Once in love, now getting a divorce.

Ones we love get cancer. Ones we love get sick. Ones we love pass away.

Millions of children are aborted, left on doorsteps of orphanages, or tossed across the border.

So many things today that leave my heart ripped open, raw with pain. Every where I turn, I ask the question: Why? It’s so hard to keep my tears back.

When you look at the back of a tapestry, it looks messy with random strings everywhere. This is what I see. I don’t understand why so many things happen that cause so much pain. I want to fix it. I even try to trim the yarn or weave it in a different direction, but it never looks quite right.

That’s when God shows me the other side of the tapestry, the art He is creating. This life He has control over.

And it is beautiful!

The front side of my tapestry is radiant with comforting hugs from a son and kisses from the other…

Encouraging words spoken from a loving daughter who lives far away…

Security my husband has given this family through hard, honest work…

Music that let’s me sing my praises…

Laughter shared between good friends…

Words from my bible that tell me over and over again that God loves me.
20140702-112217-40937946.jpgI may not understand most of the things that I come across each day, but I do know that I can find peace and rest in Jesus. As much as I would like to think that I have all this control, I really have none on my own. I have to continually look to the true source: God.

If you are having one of those days where everywhere you turn looks dark, count your blessings, turn on some music, sing, hug someone, turn your tapestry over and see the beauty that God is creating today.

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