Greetings From South Dakota

20140806-181550-65750773.jpgI flew into South Dakota yesterday to meet up with my guys. They finished their epic trek up Granite Peak, Montana and drove six hours to pick me up in Rapid City, SD.IMG_6128.JPGI didn’t realize how flat the land is out here. It is beautiful! As far as the eye can see are fields of corn and grass swaying. (That’s Superman waayyy out there.)

IMG_6129-0.JPGYou could almost lock your steering wheel it is so straight out here.

IMG_6133.JPGMy first day here it is raining, but we won’t let this slow us. Seriously, you have to stop when you see a dinosaur on the side of the road.

IMG_6134.JPGWall Drug Store is like stepping back in time.

IMG_6138.JPGIt started as pharmacy in Wall, SD, but the proprietors weren’t getting much business, until the wife decided to offer free drinks of water to travelers. Well, whoa and behold, this place has grown, but not changed very much.



IMG_6137.JPGEveryone chose their favorite items…a snake mug, pink unicorn picture done in 3D and homemade donuts. (Pssst…a little secret…if you decide to close your eyes when momma is taking your picture, momma will fix it.)

IMG_6141.JPGI found these two checking out the rubberband guns, pop guns and rifles. It took me back to when they were 5 years old.



IMG_6145.JPGSometimes you just have to go with flow and enjoy the moment.

IMG_6121.JPGAfter hankin’ around in Wall Drug we were off to the Badlands.

IMG_6119-1.JPGOh my goodness! Roberts Prairie Dog Town was so cool!

IMG_6118.JPGWhen you first pull over you don’t necessarily see anything. We got out of the car and started walking down the path when we heard the barking. Taking a closer look, these little rodents would peek out of their holes and maybe even stand up. Many of them would allow us to get close, which just thrilled me.

IMG_6205.JPGAs we moved on down the road, it continued to rain. Let that stop us? No way! Next stop, was Bear Country Park, which is a pretty cool drive-through animal park. There are elk, reindeer, cougars, big horn sheep and of course….Bears.

IMG_6102.JPGSometimes there was a traffic jam.

IMG_6103.JPGYea, they really don’t care that you’re there.

IMG_6105.JPGDid you know that black bears can have brown, blonde, or grey fur in addition to black? We’ve never been this close to these grand animals. They were just an arms length away from our car!

IMG_6100.JPGThe BEST part of this park is Babyland. After the baby cubs are weaned from their mothers around 3 or 4 months of age, the cubs are put in this special area to protect them from adult males, who could kill them.

IMG_6099.JPGIt was so fun watching the dozen or so cubs climb the trees, wrestle and chase each other around. All four of us said that we could’ve watched their childish antics all day long.

IMG_6126.JPGDay one ended with us driving through these beautiful hills.

IMG_6130.JPGI think the pastel colors ribboning through the rock looks like it was painted by an artist’s hand. Yeah, God did a good job on this one.

IMG_6127.JPGThanks for letting me share our first day!


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