Day Three: Highpointing on Harney Peak

This is our third day in South Dakota. You can read about Day One here and Day Two here. The adventure for today is to climb the highest peak in S.D., Harney Peak.IMG_6283.JPGOur hike started at Sylvan Lake. Ahhh, isn’t it peaceful?

IMG_6271.JPGMy poor guys…I get so awe struck when I see the wildflowers,

IMG_6270.JPGI slow everyone down, because I have to stop and take pictures.

IMG_6269.JPGI just can’t help it.

IMG_6273.JPGThis was our first taste of the beautiful view that was to come.

IMG_6277.JPGYup. I had to stop. Needless to say I’m doing a lot of stopping and then running to catch up.

IMG_6248.JPGI love the grasses, the way they sway with the breeze.

IMG_6244.JPGThese Black-eyed Susans are so cheerful on this upward hike.

IMG_6264.JPGThis takes us up to the Lookout on top of Harney Peak.

IMG_6265.JPGThere it is!

IMG_6286.JPGWooHoo! We did it! It wasn’t necessarily the toughest hike ever, but it did get my heart pumping, hiking to the 7,242 ft summit.

IMG_6266.JPGSuperman can mark this as his 22nd Highpoint!

The Needles in the background.
IMG_6257.JPGIt always takes my breath away when I stand at the top and take in the beautiful land around me.

IMG_6287.JPGNot sure what this was all about, but it was kinda cool.

IMG_6261.JPGSo here we are at the highest peak east of Rockies and west of the Pyrenees. Neat.



Three things I take away from this hike:

IMG_6260.JPG1. Don’t be this guy! He just had to pull out his cellphone to make a call when he got to the top? Really?!? Take pictures. Don’t check your email, texts, or Instagram.

IMG_6255.JPG2. Footwear Matters. And if your hiking shoes are as ugly as mine…wear cute socks!

IMG_6246.JPG3. Bloom where you are planted! God loves us and uses us in every situation. So quit wasting time waiting for the moment when everything is perfect in your life before you enjoy the loveliness around you. Look around you, God’s beauty is everywhere!

Thank you for letting me share my day with you!


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