Happy Cooking Little Girl!

IMG_6376.JPGSo what do you give to your daughter who is turning 22 years old…(WAIT! Wha-what?!? 22? Where in the heck did all those years go?)

Mary Claire has graduated college and is now living in a cute little house with three other sweet girls.IMG_6388.JPGNo momma to cook for her.

IMG_6385.JPGNo meal plan at the college cafeteria.

IMG_6378.JPGMC wasn’t around much when I was cooking dinner during her growing up years. She was always involved with after-school activities, soccer, and cross country, so I made sure a hot meal was ready for her when she came home.

IMG_6377.JPGHanging around and watching me cook just never really happened.

IMG_6382.JPGEven with all of the online websites with videos and step-by-step instructions, sometimes it’s just easier to cook something if you are familiar with it.

IMG_6389.JPGShe likes to eat healthy, but sometimes one needs to have a good-for-the-soul meal, so I included recipes for meatloaf, chicken pot pie and our Friday night Mexican Dip.

IMG_6384.JPGPutting the book together was easy. I used a Snap Scrapbook that I had on hand and Simple Stories paper and recipes collection.

IMG_6379.JPGMary Claire has started having gatherings at her house and invitations to get togethers where she needs to bring an appetizer or a dish. Easy and cheap recipes were a must.

IMG_6387.JPGShe is working at a Charleston Bed and Breakfast, where she has to have breakfast prepared in the mornings and a little sweet something for tea in the afternoons. Hopefully she will be able to use a recipe or two from this book for her guests.

IMG_6375.JPGThis was a fun gift to put together. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Love Momma.


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