The #1 Thing to Do in Banff, Canada

IMG_6522.JPGAre you planning to visit Banff, Canada? Are you ready to have a little adventure? Then you have to make make time for the Via Ferrata. IMG_6524.JPGThe Iron Road is a series of ladders, holds and cables which are set in the mountain and are used to climb to the top of The Norquay cliffs. Our good friends, Greg and Joyclynn, immediately said Yes! when Superman sent an email asking if they’d like to join us.

IMG_6519.JPGThe certified guides helped strap us in our harnesses, helmets and gloves. (Even ones with pretty little flowers on them…You Da Man Greg!) We took the chairlift to the start of the four hour adventure.

IMG_6532.JPG(photo via
The first step out of our comfort zone was the swinging bridge. (Note to self…do not be the person immediately in front of Superman on this bridge. He is obnoxious.)

IMG_6515.JPGAlthough there are rungs and foot holds to grab onto if you wanted, this is a moderate climb for the average Mary. No one is pulling you up. You use your upper and lower body muscles to get yourself to the next level.

IMG_6523.JPGAnd when you do get to the next ridge and you take a look at the scenery around you….the beauty will take your breath away. The higher you get, the better the view.

IMG_6505.JPGHey, Look at me Ma! One hand!!

Even though I’m not completely comfortable with heights, I never felt scared. Safety is the Via Ferrata’s number one priority.

IMG_6504.JPGAs an added bonus, we saw this beautiful double rainbow!

This little adventure sure has been the talk of the conference. Most people have been flabbergasted at the idea and others want to sign up right away. As I would like to quote Superman

You never know how much you are capable of doing until you get out there and do it.

He’s definitely opened my eyes to what this old body can do. In fact, I think my body can do just about anything, it’s my mind that trips me up. I’m glad he’s around to keep challenging me.

Thank you Joyclynn and Greg for another great memory! Superman- You Rock! And thanks to you for dropping by,


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