My T.V. Viewing Confession

I have a confession to make. I am addicted…we’ll, maybe not addicted, but certainly lurrrve Netflix and Hulu. I know, I know. We pay out the ying-yang for cable, get 863 channels, and have two t.v.s to boot! But is there really anything on worthy to watch when I want to watch it? (Whew! That was a lot of W’s!)

I like to keep up with the news and all, but I can’t stand to listen to people bicker! Superman loves it!
I am lazy. I could go downstairs to watch whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but then I would have to walk back up the stairs to go to bed when I felt sleepy.I hear you now, “Mary DVR!!” That would be an answer if we had one! So here we are. Superman and I don’t quite have the same taste in television entertainment. IMG_6568.JPGCase in point. I’m just not into zombies.

IMG_6569.JPG“Choot ‘Em!” Ok. I love my husband. He’s smart, athletic, loving, but sometimes he just likes lower his IQ by about 60 points.

IMG_6570.JPGSeriously. He has watched every season since its inception in 2000. And every time he watches he says the same thing, “If I was on there, I’d be the first one kicked off.” And he’s probably right.

IMG_6571.JPGOh my. Need I say more? For all who may not recognize this cinematic classic, Dumb and Dumber. It is exactly that. I admit I have seen it. But do I have to watch it more than once?

IMG_6572.JPGEvery. Evening. Since 1989…(or whenever the reruns began running,over and over again) we have watch Seinfeld. People let me repeat…every evening. I agree that it is one of the funniest shows ever, but every. Single. Evening.

It isn’t that I’m trying to get away from Superman. In fact I would love it if we could snuggle up on the couch, eat popcorn and watch a good show or two. But the fact is…it just ain’t going to happen.

I’m not mad, angry or upset. When we say goodbye to Jerry and Kramer, I kiss my boys goodnight and retreat to my cozy bed. There I get all settled in with a hot cup of tea, my pjs and lots of pillows to watch….

IMG_6573.JPGI LOVE this show! Sure it’s basically the same thing each time…a cow’s uterus pops out and needs to get pushed back in. Dogs have to have quills pulled from their muzzles after taking on porcupines. Baby pigs need help being birthed. Dr. Pol, Charles and Doc Brenda bring the middle of Michigan farming to life. These are hardworking, honest, funny and loving people who take care of one another. If you don’t mind a lot of arms up cows’ behinds, afterbirth, mud, needles and surgery, this show is great!

Oh yea. Uh huh. Downton Abbey. I went on a Netflix marathon watching this show’s first two seasons. Adam had to study and analyze the script for his college English class. Let’s just say, it’s better if we don’t mention Earl of Grantham, Lady Crawley, or Mr. Mosely to Adam anytime soon. But I love the grandeur, the costumes and even getting my ears used to the accents.

IMG_6575.JPGCall The Midwife, another PBS period piece set in London’s east end in the 1950’s. Meet Jenny, Trixie, Chummy, and Sisters Julienne and Monica Joan. The nurses deliver babies, treat polio and have rich relationships with each other and the folks in the neighborhood. I think it’s a sweet show.

IMG_6576.JPGFriday Night Lights. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Ok. See the guy on the right in the back? I was checking to see what these characters were up to now days and saw that ol’ Jason had another show…

IMG_6577-0.JPGHart Of Dixie. This here is one over the top, exaggerated, simpleton southern show, Hart of Dixie. Big City girl, Dr. Hart comes to Dixieland because she inherits half a medical practice. Lemon Breeland makes my mouth pucker with her fake accent in, of course, her yellow outfits. But there’s something nice about watching a show that is ….nice. Beware! The sugary sweetness of the show may make you run for your insulin.

IMG_6578.JPGDoc Martin, a British comedy set in the village of Port Isaac in Cornwall. It was hilarious the one time that Superman tried to sit and watch this with me. He and the boys just. Can’t. Do. It. Again, silly, funny, simple, nice and addictive.

IMG_6579.JPGFinally, the show I am currently obsessed with is Gran Hotel. In the same genre of Downton Abbey, the story is set in 1905 with the gorgeous, poor villager, Julio arriving at The Grand Hotel to find his sister, a maid. Of course, all sorts of lies, deceit, love and murder happen at this idyllic place in the middle of the countryside.

IMG_6580.JPGEveryone on the show is beautiful, even the servants.

IMG_6582.JPGThis is Alicia, the rich heiress, whom Julio falls in love with. The costumes are a-ma-zing!

IMG_6583.JPGDona Teresa is not nice.

IMG_6581.JPGBut Julio is verrry nice.

Oh, Did I mention that this is all done in Spanish with subtitles? No problem.

IMG_6584.JPGBecause there’s Julio.

So there you have it.
Superman’s television viewing: 24hour News, zombies, swamp people, 1990’s and Harry and Lloyd.
Mary’s viewing habits include: period classics, BBC, cows having babies and nice people.

What shows do you like to watch? I’m sure as soon as Julio straightens out the Gran Hotel I’m going to need a new obsession.
Hey thanks for dropping by!


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