10 Minute Fall Porch

IMG_6615.JPGI know you call someone who isn’t in the Christmas spirit a Scrooge or maybe you say “Bahumbug”. But what do you call someone who hasn’t gotten in the Fall spirit? “Pumpkin-boo-hoo”? Or should I call myself a “still-feeling-like-it’s-summer-too-early-for-Halloween-humbug”?

O.K. Mar. It’s October 16th, not June 16th. Get a move on! Or as my sweet Daddy used to say to hurry us kids along….Heeroja!

I remember when my kids were younger and I would go all Halloween Crazy! Pumpkins, spider webs, witches, ghosts….yup, dem were the good ol’ days.

Now? Ten minutes baby!

IMG_6609.JPGMy poor little birdbath has been empty for a couple of months now. I like using it by my front door because my house sits so far away from the street, it lifts up whatever I feel like showing off that season.

Gather your supplies. I went to a local church that sells pumpkins as a fundraiser. I go every year and just load up. I like knowing that the profits go to help those in need. This year some hoodlums decided to be real jerks by slicing and dicing a thousand dollars worth of pumpkins. (Arrrrgh! What gets into people?) Anyway, volunteers were quite appreciative of my purchases. I’m going to go back for more. Hey! If you’re in the Spartanburg area, buy your pumpkins from St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church!

The wreathes and floral spray came from Hobby Lobby. Can I just say that Hobby Lobby is where all the cool people go? I’m looking for a floral spray when I see my friend Linda loading up her cart with burlap ribbon. I take a quick left down the aisle to hug her and say hi. As we are standing there Ouuuing and Aahhhing over all the pretty colors and patterns, around the corner comes Jenny pushing her cart full of ribbon. Linda and Jenny learned to make burlap wreathes at Garden Club and were at the store buying more supplies. We stand there a couple of minutes discussing different color combinations and design ideas, when this sweet lady who overhears our conversation begins to show us her creations on her phone. Oh my goodness! The four of us are just ouuuing and aahhhing all over again. I’m sure we sounded like a bunch of hens in the hen house.

Did you know that right now at Hobby Lobby, the fall and Christmas stuff is on sale? 40% off people!!! But here’s a little secret our sweet listening-in friend told us….if you want to buy the burlap ribbon, you have to buy it from the fall or Christmas areas. How pra-tell are they different from the regular burlap ribbon over here in the floral department, you ask? Well, Friend…the fall ribbon has an orange label and the Christmas ribbon has a…wait for it….Red ribbon! Now why on earth does it matter? I don’t know. But Linda and I went to the Christmas aisle.

On our way to the HoHoHo section of the store we run into another friend, Mary Alice. (See. I told you this is where all the cool people shop.) She was looking for three decorative fall plates, just so you know.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

IMG_6610.JPGAnd back to decorating my porch in ten minutes….I stacked my pumpkins with a grapevine wreathe in between. My bottom pumpkin was stemless, which allowed the top one to sit flat on top.

IMG_6611.JPGI took apart a floral spray. Did you know you could do that? Yup! You can do anything you want to do to it. Just take some scissors to cut the plastic that surrounds the wires. Then just bend the wire back and forth to separate. You knew that.

IMG_6612.JPGBecause the stems are made with wire, bend those babies and tuck around the pumpkins. Easy! Because my topiary sits in front of a window, I made sure the flowers went all the way around to look pretty from the backside too.

IMG_6613.JPGI went to my basement and found this wreath for the door. My niece made this wreath for me a couple of years ago and I added the flowers, straw and ribbon. The ribbon is a little faded, but lucky for me ombré is in! Yea! That’s what we’ll call it…ombré. But I’m not done yet.

IMG_6615-0.JPGThere. Perfect. You know what? It took me longer to write this post than it did for me to fall up my stoop.

Hey, Thanks for dropping by! Happy Fall Y’all!


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