Mountain Brook Vineyards

Saturday was Office Fun Day! Superman and his partners invite the office staff and their spouses to a day where we they put the office stress behind them and enjoy each other’s company doing something fun. I don’t work there but I get to tag along because I’m a spouse. And that’s a good thing.
We’ve gone to the Biltmore Estate, white water river rafting, overnight in Charleston, and this weekend-Mountain Brook Vineyards.IMG_6659.JPGWe piled into the rental van and drove the quick 45 minutes across the N.C. line to this beautiful oasis.

IMG_6707.JPGWhen we arrived, Dennis, the owner, gave us a tour of the facilities and an education in how he makes his wine. Dennis had a couple of long careers as a business owner, then as a lawyer. Now he is living out the life as a vintner. He does it all…plants, prunes, picks, presses and pours. It must be what keeps him looking so young.

IMG_6692.JPGAll of the grapes are grown on his 7.5 acres vineyard, hand picked and hand pressed in this cool contraption. There’s just something that makes the wine taste that much better when the time and care has been put in it.


IMG_6710.JPGDennis loves what he does and is eager to share his knowledge with you. I thought the barrels were beautiful and interesting, so he took me by my hand to teach me and Heather about the markings on the end. I think I remember it right.

IMG_6693.JPGThen it was upstairs to the tasting room.

IMG_6696.JPGGood wine brings in many awards.

IMG_6687.JPGI thought each of the wines were delicious. The Chardonnay was especially smooth, which surprised many. Dennis revealed that his Chardonnay is smooth because of his malolactic acid process. (huh. Don’t I sound like I know what I’m talking about? )The Rose’ is usually thought of as a very sweet non-drinkers wine, but this one is a refreshing blend of different grapes. I think it would be a wonderful summer drink. I really liked it.

IMG_6688.JPGBut the Magis, is probably my favorite. In fact,we bought a few bottles of this to bring home.

IMG_6694-0.JPGMatt isn’t much of a wine drinker, (although he is here holding a glass of vino), so Dennis made sure there were a few brewskies in the fridge for him. See? Thoughtful.

IMG_6675.JPGWhile everyone else was enjoying the wine and conversation, Amanda and I had to see the dogs.

IMG_6676.JPGWine is great, but dogs have our heart. This is Otto. Otto and his grandfather, are in charge of keeping the deer and other critters from eating the grapes. Poor Otto. He’s only about a year and a half and he just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of his duties yet. Miriam, Dennis’s wife, says that Otto has been fired many times when they have seen him being totally oblivious to the fact that several deer are standing just a few feet away munching away on tasty grapes. Otto!

IMG_6670.JPGThis is Otto’s grandfather, Kahva. While Otto patrols the pino vines, Kahva is in charge of the Chardonnay grapes. He is one big love bug!

IMG_6672.JPGAs I was taking pictures of his portion of the vineyard…

IMG_6673.JPGall of a sudden I felt something very heavy on my feet!

IMG_6674.JPGSweet boy! He just needed a belly rub!

IMG_6661.JPGMiriam introduced Amanda and I to their golden retriever, Goldie, up at their house. (I don’t have a picture of Goldie because she was waayyy too wiggley. Just so happy to see us and get scratched behind the ears.) The main floor has windows all around which provided a spectacular view.

IMG_6662.JPGHow’s this for a view when you’re doing dishes?

IMG_6655.JPGThe rest of the gang walked over.

IMG_8299.JPGThese gals are so sweet!

IMG_6657.JPGThe sun was starting to set and it was time for some appetizers.

IMG_6651.JPGTime to have a glass of your favorite wine to go with the fruit and cheeses.

IMG_6650.JPGThe diner table was decorated with flowers found around the vineyard, pumpkins and candles.

IMG_6653.JPGWhen it got dark, the setting was beautiful. The cool night air was perfect. The chef and his wife from their restaurant Huckleberry’s cooked up a delicious evening.

IMG_6648.JPGWe told stories, laughed, told more stories, and laughed some more.

IMG_6646.JPGOur meal began with a butternut squash soup, which was to die for! Then followed by a tasty fresh salad with an apple cider vinaigrette and the main course of either grilled steak or salmon. Yum! But of course my favorite was dessert- homemade cheesecake with plum and apple compote and an apple cinnamon mousse. Mmmmm…..


IMG_6649.JPGSuperman and I had a wonderful evening. We’re trying to think of how we can do this again with family and friends.

IMG_6647.JPGPlease check out Mountain Brook Vineyards and Huckleberrys Bakery!
Again, thanks for dropping by!


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