The Window Is Locked?!?

IMG_6728.JPGFor the love of Pete! I swear to you…for 40 YEARS this window has been unlocked!!! (Just in case you’ve forgotten your keys…don’tcha know.)
IMG_6731.JPGThis is me, a couple of years ago, breakin’ in so Claire and I could spread a little Christmas magic. (Hmm…I think we did a pretty good job, if I say so myself.)
But see?!? It’s always unlocked!

My mom is getting her hair did at Madim Moizelles and I thought that I would put away a few groceries. Of course, my mom has the zapper to open the garage door, but I had no worries. If the backdoor is locked, the window is always open!

IMG_6727-0.JPGBut not this time, huh Jessie.

Luckily the groceries won’t go bad, the weather is beautiful and Miz Shirley will have my mom’s hair all fixed up in no time. I might just mozie on down to the beauty shop and read some magazines from the 1980’s.

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