Thanksgiving Hoo Ha 2014 Part 1: Bocci Ball Bonanza

IMG_6978.JPGYup! I am one truly blessed woman. Look at these beautiful people who chose to come to our house to eat, laugh, play games and reunite. We live in South Carolina, California, Pittsburg, Colorado, Georgia and New Jersey. We live different lives, but remember that we are one family. My sister Annie and her gang weren’t able to make it this year, but they were with us in spirit and via FaceTime.

After an over abundant meal, Jim organized the annual Bocci Ball Tournament. Everyone put in $5 to participate and Jim randomly paired the teams together.

IMG_6993.JPGFor the majority of the participating teams, it was a friendly affair. See, here are Uncle Martin and Adam taking on the Brown brothers, Mason and David. Competitive, but in a nice way.

IMG_7013.JPGThey had a sense of gentlemanliness about them.

IMG_7021.JPGEvery now and then measurements had to be taken.

IMG_7020.JPGWhen not involved with one of three matches going on, people watched.

IMG_7004.JPGMy sister Laura.

IMG_7006.JPGWe laughed.

IMG_6994.JPGWe talked.



IMG_7017.JPGWe played with this cutie patootie, Hudson. (I wish I could share the other two adorable little guys, Aiden and Easton, but I somehow erased pics. Erggg.)

IMG_7009.JPGEven sweet Sam hung out with us.

IMG_7022.JPGBrooke showed off her mad girl powers.

IMG_7019.JPG And true sportsmanship was displayed during the final matches. Although big money was to be had, the majority of the contestants made me proud.

IMG_6995.JPGTHEN there were these two.


IMG_6998.JPGSmack talk…




IMG_7003.JPGAnd ridonkulous celebration…

IMG_7012.JPGWho is this man?!?

In the end, we had to call it a draw. It got dark and pretty cold outside, so they decided to split the pot of money between the last two teams standing: Jim-Thomas and Matt-Brooke.

As neighbors drove past Thanksgiving afternoon, they saw a yard full of people laughing, talking and playing games. They saw family of all ages- FOUR generations building memories together. For this, I am so thankful!

And I appreciate you dropping by! Next post I will tell you all about the ottoman! See you then!


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