Thanksgiving Hoo Ha 2014 Part 2: Engagement Celebration

One of the good things about having the whole Rauscher clan in the house, is that we were ALL able celebrate Mary Claire and Tyler’s engagement.

IMG_7040.JPGChampagne was poured for the adults.

IMG_7041.JPGAnd the kids had sparkling juice.

IMG_7039.JPGSweet toasts were made.

IMG_7044.JPGEveryone cheered!

IMG_7047.JPGWise advice was offered.

IMG_7043.JPG Gifts were opened.

IMG_7045.JPGThank you Sara!

IMG_7050.JPGThe next stage of this engagement party was The Ottoman! It has been a tradition in this family to throw the unsuspecting young man, who wants to marry one of our own young ladies, onto the ottoman. Everyone…yes, all 30 or so of us…gathers around him.

IMG_7048.JPGHere Superman is introducing Tyler and reminding the circle to get their questions ready. (I’m eating cake!!)

IMG_7049.JPGSuperman explains the chart hanging around Tyler’s neck.

IMG_6972.JPGThis a chart of the wedding budget. Tyler started out the day with 100% of the budget. As the day went on, a percentage was taken off or put back on according to things he said or did. At one point he had many points taken off for measuring against Mary Claire in the bocci ball tournament. (He’s just too honest!)

IMG_7052.JPGEveryone in the room had the opportunity to ask Tyler a question. For example…”When did you know MC was the one?” And “Where do you see your life in 5 years?” “How many children do you want?” “What are the qualities that made you fall in love with her?” Good questions!

IMG_9480-0.JPG“Do you know the Hot Dog Dance?” Because, by golly, that most definitely shows character! And you know what? The guy got up with Mr. Hudson, 2 years old, and did the Hot Dog Dance! Tyler and Mary Claire also showed off their swing dancing skills….with no music! Full of talent, I say.

IMG_7053.JPGUnfortunately, Tyler may have lost a few points for not knowing the cinematic importance of Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy, and Joe Dirt. (Geez.)

IMG_6967.JPGAaron loved this whole event due to the fact he was the first one on the ottoman many years before. Many might think this is just cruel and unfair to put an innocent young lad in the middle of a room to be peppered with questions by practical strangers. Maybe. But then the way we look at it is that we love our family so much, we live so far a part and in this one opportunity we need to get to know this “about-to-be” newest member of our family. We’ve asked the few lucky ones who have had the honor of sitting on the ottoman what their feelings were about it. Each have said it was one of the most terrifying things they have ever done, but it was so worth doing. They felt the love, the sense of humor and admiration from this family. In fact, Tony, (who married Alex, who now has two little boys and live in Massachusetts, but we’re able to come this year) still has the card he wore around his neck many years ago on the ottoman. Grandma had given him 100 points just for being Italian. (She on the other hand is Scotch-Irish with a touch of Yankee.) needless to say, Tony was upset that they couldn’t be here because he reeaallllly wanted to be on the outside of the circle. So we Skyped!

IMG_6975.JPGIn the end…He did it! He earned 100% of the wedding budget! We all knew he would. In fact, some of the men had already “interviewed” him and they all told me how much they liked Tyler.

IMG_7054-0.JPGSo now, Mary Claire wanted to ask her cousin, Chloe, to be her maid-of-honor.

IMG_7055-0.JPGThey’ve grown up together, practically sisters.

IMG_7058-0.JPGChloe said yes. So while this sweet moment was happening between Mary Claire and Chloe….

IMG_7059.JPGTHIS was happening in the same room…no less. Hudson tackling Tyler…

IMG_7060.JPGMike doing a surprise attack….

IMG_7061.JPGThen an all out, testosterone crazy, boys to men wrestling match!

IMG_7056.JPGYes, all the while this sweet moment was happening. Geez.



Thanks for dropping by and reading a little bit about my life!


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