Day 5 of Winter Detox/day 1 of phase two

Days 1-4 of the Winter Detox with Carol Nees and Teri Gentes is behind me. The 11 day detox has been pretty uneventful for me. I think when you pay your fee, receive your information book and buy all of the food, it can be overwhelming. But I’m trying to keep the “All or Nothing” idea out of my mind. The first four days were phase one of the program where we started conditioning ourselves to thinking and acting differently to food. If we were many cups a day coffee drinkers, this was the time to start cutting back and hopefully, even eliminating it all together. It was the time to begin the Rise n’ Shine elixir as soon as we we rose from bed.

2015/01/img_74791.jpgIt was a time for me to try new ingredients like beets (yes, I’ve eaten them, and actually like them, but I have never cooked them before.) I bought parsnips, hemp hearts and cacao. (If you live in my house, you pronounce it “kacko”, then say it several times, just because you like saying it. “I’m going to have me sum Kacko!”)

2015/01/img_74801.jpgThe elixir is something to get used to. The water-lemon juice-apple cider vinegar-honey-cinnamon can cause a small bit of nausea and cramping. It might even taste better if it was slightly warm. My problem is that I make it the night before and put it on my bedside table. We turn the heat way down at night, thus what should be room temperature, is actually ice cold. I could heat it up real quick, but I wouldn’t be able to drink it “upon rising” due to the critters all meowing and nudging me for their breakfast. Cold it is.

Breakfast can be a smoothie like the one above or something from the juicer, a chia pudding or warm grain free muesli. I don’t have a juicer, so I’m sticking to the smoothies, pudding and muesli. The smoothies are delicious, but as a 48 year cereal, bagel, or English muffin in the morning kind of gal, I felt like I was missing something. I needed some crunch.

2015/01/img_7489.jpgWell the Warm Grain-Free Muesli was perfect! I ground raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp hearts in my Ninja. I chopped half a green apple into small pieces. I sprinkled unsweetened shredded coconut, then poured a bit of warm almond milk on top. Yummo! I had my bowl, spoon and crunch!

2015/01/img_7482.jpgLunch basically consists of some kind of salad using lots of dark green leafy greens, lots of veggies and a protein. I made this Pumpkin Seed Pesto. After soaking the seeds overnight to get them nice and soft, I blended them with hemp hearts, garlic, scallions, power greens and lemon. I drizzled olive oil while blending to help make it smooth. It makes a great dip!

2015/01/img_7483.jpgI spread the pumpkin pesto on romaine lettuce, then topped with shredded carrots and cucumber. See? A salad on the go! I’ll admit that the first day I made these wraps, I didn’t add enough pesto, which is where the protein is, and ended up feeling very sleepy and suffered a headache. Luckily, I am part of a Facebook group that includes people who are participating in the detox and the authors of this program. When I shared what happened, Teri suggested that I needed to add more protein and drink lots and lots of water. I did and felt better almost immediately.

2015/01/img_7481.jpgMost importantly about this particular detox is that this isn’t about deprevation, but about feeding the body whole, nutritious food that will help cleanse the body of toxins. So when I feel hungry, I can eat! Woo Hoo! Do I need a snack between the muesli and lettuce wraps? Am I having a sweet tooth attack? Oh Yeah! Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a couple of Chips Ahoy cookies, I reach in my fridge for a Protein Ball! Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, unsweetened shredded coconut, carob nibs and Medjool dates…again Yummo! (When I went shopping with my long grocery list, I saw the bag of organic carob chips. I threw them in the cart. When I got home I realized I was supposed to get cacao powder. C-a….C-a…yea, I don’t pay very good attention to details. But carob and cacao are closely related. Both are healthy, although cacao gets higher points. I’m not going to fret over the very minute amounts that I’m actually using.)

Overall during the pre-detox stage I was doing pretty good! When we went out to eat, I had grilled salmon and steamed spinach. Ok. Ok. And a couple slices of fresh baked bread dipped in olive oil, a glass of wine and a few bites of cheesecake. Then on Saturday, Superman’s mom had us over for Adam’s last dinner before going back to The Citadel. Oh man, this girl can cook…fried chicken, Mac n’ cheese, broccoli casserole, crowder peas, fresh creamed corn…and made from scratch brownies…mmmm.

I may have gotten off track, but today is the first day of The Detox Phase. As of the four hours that I’ve been into it…I’m doing great! I think the best thing I can do is to NOT have the All or None mentality. For seven days I can take it slow and be mindful of what I put into my body.

2015/01/img_7492.jpgHere’s to drinking this!

2015/01/img_7487.jpgAnd not eating this this week!

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