Just wants to Play

I’ve got this knot on the side of my shoulder blade, just out of reach of my hands. It hurts. I asked Superman to rub it out for me. When he found it, he says “Is that a tumor?” Nope. Just a typical back knot I get from time to time. 

Since Superman can’t be there doing his best Deep Tissue Massage, I thought I’d use a tennis ball. I dug in the bottom of my tennis bag and found a rogue ball. My idea was that I could lay on the ball with it placed right where the knot is and roll it around.

 So I’m lowering myself down, when ZIPPP! Sam grabs the ball, wagging her tail, runs to the front door ready to play.  She makes me smile. Of course, I play her game of hide n’ seek. I hide the ball then she finds it. 

Now give me that ball back silly girl!

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Good-Bye Perfection

IMG_7475I’ve got lots of books beside me. Many of them are self-help books.

IMG_7774can be bought here. I want to be happy, but most of all I want to be a good wife to Superman. So this book is not about how to change my husband, but how can I see the best in Superman and appreciate and love him the way he deserves.

IMG_7775can be found here.This title is completely appropriate for thee. Superman often asks me if I have a filter on my mouth. I have a lot going on inside my head, but how can I use my words or my silence to encourage and uplift others. Instead of being just a big old loud blabber mouth, can my words be well thought out?

IMG_7776can be found here.I am given many opportunities to serve, help, play, visit, lead and start new adventures. Very quickly my life can be filled to the brim with “good” things that end up making me feel overwhelmed. So how do I say yes to the best things for me at the present time?

IMG_7778which can be found here. I would NEVER qualify myself as a perfectionist! Lord have mercy! There are days when I truly don’t know how I make it through to the end without hurting myself or causing great chaos in the outside world. When I think of a perfectionist, I think of someone who never has clothes piled on the bathroom floor. This woman actually hangs them up. (Hmm what a concept!) Miss P., as I will affectionately call her now, would never leave dishes in the sink. Miss P. won’t leave home without makeup, hair done and a stylish outfit on. From the outside, she is all pulled together all of the time.

I am not Miss P. In fact I didn’t really think I needed this book, but it really called out to me. In fact, I think it even jumped off the shelf and hung onto my leg, until I agreed to take it home to read.

You know what? After reading several chapters, I realize that I may actually suffer from this perfectionist syndrome. Not so much because I can’t have things out of place, because Lord knows I let the dust land where it may…and the mail and the laundry and the fur balls too. My issue is not about dealing with being OCD or having a Type A personality, it’s about giving myself a break.

I look at the hundreds of self-help books I have bought over the years. Yikes! So many! Is it wrong to read books to improve? Absolutely not! But how about having books on “How to have an Organized Home in 30 Days”, “A Month’s Worth of Cooking in 1Day”, “How to Make Your Man Happy”, “Be a Holy Woman in Today’s World”…Gee what have I left off? Oh yeah, I’ve bought parenting books, lots of weight loss books, and a few to help me be more creative, how to become a business owner, training your dog and taking care of rabbits. Unfortunately, instead of giving me helpful hints, I try to implement all of the suggestions and feel completely defeated because I didn’t do it all the way.

Who am I trying to please? Or should I ask, Whom should I be trying to please? No One Is Perfect. No one. Even Miss P. who looks pulled together on the outside, probably is struggling on the inside. A few friends who I would label as being perfect, actually have confessed that they wish they could be more relaxed. When are we going to give ourselves the freedom to mess up or have the imperfect life?

Do you see the bi-line title on the cover of “The Cure for the “Perfect” Life” in the picture above? 12 Ways to Stop Trying Harder and Start Living Braver. Hmmm…stop trying so hard and start living braver. Does this mean I don’t have to be the perfect wife? Or the perfect friend, mother, cook, housekeeper, farmer and bee keeper? What if I were to believe exactly what Jesus has told me all along? That He loves me just the way I am! What if I concentrated more on Him and less on me? What if I forgave myself for the spills, dings, mistakes and imperfections I create? And used those opportunities to remember that I can’t do this life thing without Him? What if?

Holley Gerth says it perfectly. Yes, perfectly…

Here’s the scandalous truth: You don’t have to be perfect because you’re already perfectly loved.

I LOVE this! I don’t need to buy more books on being the perfect praying wife, having a perfectly organized home, cooking the perfect meals or being the perfect parent. I think I’ll just spend more time reading my bible. I’ll let the One who created me, lead me. And allow His forgiveness and grace to fill me.

Friends lets just continue to do the best that we can do, on this particular day, in this imperfect world we live in. We are messy. And God loves us.

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